Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Best Summer Nights

The best weekday nights happen when Andi sends a late afternoon text message to let me know he'll be home from work early. I'll have dinner ready when he walks in the door, or sometimes we'll put food on the back-burner and seize the last bits of evening light while we can. When the stars align just so, these are the perfect way to spend an evening together.

Yesterday was one of those glorious summer nights. Andi walked in the door around 5:45pm and said, "Let's do something fun." We wolfed down a meal of baked chicken, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes, then scurried out the door to Crystal Cove pool.

We'd not been to this pool before, but I'd heard good things about their zero-entry children's area. A bit pricey for a small window of evening swim time but, eh, nights like these don't come around very often. Tory was so excited to swim with Daddy - so excited - and splashed and played in the water with Andi while I sat poolside with Aden. I could've taken Aden swimming too, but sometimes it's nice to spend peaceful time snuggling my baby boy on the sidelines.

Not to be a creeper, but doesn't this little boy behind Tory look identical to a future Aden? Big blue eyes and bleach-blond hair. Adorable. I couldn't stop staring.

Tory requested ice cream on the drive home, and why not oblige? I'd just picked up the makings for root beer floats the day before, so Andi whipped up a few cups to share when we got home. Between bites of root beer-flavored ice cream Tory said, "Can I have more Minnesota, Dad? (She meant "soda" since that's what Andi called the root beer as he filled her glass). So sweet!

A not-so-ordinary summer night. Pool time + family time = a perfect time.


  1. haha, more minnesota! so cute. I love kid sayings. My husband got a change in schedule and has been coming home two hours early for a couple weeks now, I can't get over all the things we can squeeze in before dinner now! It is amazing! Definitely take advantage of those early nights.

  2. I love love the nights Henry gets home early!! And Tory; just a little over 2 weeks and I get to hear that sweet little voice! Xx