Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Currently In June

Hello? Are you still out there ... I've been seriously stringing you along this month. I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and write to you about my life. It's summer .. and there's better things to do like boat and fish and grill and ... enjoy the sunshine! Here's what I've been up to this month:

Current Books: Last week at a work meeting, a fellow marketer gave me a book called Getting Naked. Say wha? No worries, it's about becoming transparent to your clients and it's a great read! Super easy to follow and a fast page-turner. Definitely recommend it if you're in a career that requires working with clients or customers. Oh, and I'm also still reading Animal Vegetable Miracle .. but that's a cabin read and well, haven't done much reading up there the last few weeks.

Current Playlist: Hmmmm....mostly I've been into Top 40 hits (like Justin Bieber - I'm such a dork!) and a little bit of Country too. Anything upbeat, fun and summer-ish.

Current Guilty Pleasure: This month I'm attempting, very diligently I might add, to limit myself to one caffeine beverage per day. Just forward thinking I guess to the day when I won't be able to drink 5 Diet Cokes in a day. However, the cabin (yes, getting to my point here) and all our friends are peer pressuring me into drinking waaay more alcoholic beverages than I ever do. Which has me feeling super guilty lately for fear that my future baby will somehow feel the effects of every gin and tonic, vodka limeade and Twisted Tea I drink. Oh, how challenging it is to be a girl sometimes ...

Current Color: Black, obvs., and Olive Green

Current Drink: Gin and Tonics with cucumber. Delish.

Current Food: Craving juicy cheeseburgers lately. And bacon, yummy crispy bacon. On anything.

Current Favorite Shows: This month I'm watching Next Food Network Star. We started Netflix'ing a new series called Rescue Me ... so far it's OK. Anyone have good t.v. show recommendations? Summer is a hard time to watch television ...

Current Wish list: My June wish has finally come true ... Andi's back home after his whirlwind schedule at work. This is the first week since May 17 we're both home together. It's been fantastic. Also this week, my husband's called and text me multiple times during the work day. It's like the stars are aligning! Quick, I should wish for more stuff!

Current Needs: I jonesing to see my family. We're heading home next weekend and I couldn't be more excited! It's been 3 months since I've seen all their pretty faces :)

Current Triumphs: Feel like I'm on a roll at work lately. While I've had my share of stupid girl moments this month (but hey, what's new?) I've also brainstormed some really good ideas that people actually LIKED and I think will be IMPLEMENTED and help to GROW our business. That always feels good.

Current Bane Of My Existence: Tense shoulders from lots of computer work lately. Would love a massage, preferably at my favorite spa in downtown Minneapolis. It's heaven there ...

Current Celebrity Crush: I have this ritual of waking up ... I like to set my alarm for a half an hour before I need to get up, turn on the t.v. and watch the news to gently wake up for my day. (Andi thinks I'm crazy ... he's one of those "alarm goes off and pop out of bed" kind of people). Anyway, for the longest time I always watched the Today Show and then lately, all of a sudden, I'm super annoyed with those news anchors. I find myself tuning into The Early Show which I find crazy. It's like laundry detergent to me ... how often do people really switch from one brand to another? Long story short, I'm crushing on The Early Show these days.

Current Indulgence: I'm actually really enjoying meal planning and cooking for cabin weekends this summer. It's fun to research different ideas for menus, try new recipes and see the happy faces of all our friends while they stuff themselves silly.

Current Blessing: My little niece, Brookie, is turning 3 years old on Friday!!! I'm so excited and very teary-eyed at how fast she's growing up. I can't wait to celebrate her birthday next weekend.

Current Outfit: Sweat pants and a Doors t-shirt. Hot.

Current Excitement: Fourth of July this weekend! Whoo! By the way... do you say "Fourth of July" or "Independence Day?" I heard someone saying the latter today and thought to myself how Midwestern I must be to say Fourth of July. What do you say?

Current Mood: Strangely awake at midnight. I must sign off soon ...

Current Link: Andi showed me this website the other day which I thought was pretty hilarious.  Enjoy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week In Review

Good lord, this last week has flown by. It's been a blink and it's gone kind of week ... and that's never a good thing in the summertime. Warm weather weeks are far too precious.

Andi's been jet-setting since May, busy with photo shoots and work stuff. We've literally high-fived at the door way as he's come and gone the last 5 weeks. And what happens the week he's finally home? I travel to Chicago for work. It turned out fine in the end; he was able to work late and catch up on much needed sleep and I spent a few days with my marketing gals from the Mid-West who I rarely see in the flesh.

Yes, Chicago was fun this week! A few creative marketing girls on our team decided to schedule our meetings off-site so we met at several of our company's accounts including Navy Pier. Check out this amazing shot I snapped with my Blackberry from our meeting room window.

Not a bad meeting view, eh?

In Chicago this week, I was also able to spend time with my one of my favorite friends, Melissa. We have one of those instant-friend relationships where we can pick up right where we left off. As anti-social as we may have been, we stayed in Wednesday night, ordered Thai food and a bottle of wine to my hotel room and laughed until we cried. How I do love that girl.

Mini panic attack on the plane ride home Thursday night as I realized it was almost Friday (you know, the day that usually follows Thursday) and I hadn't put a thought into the cabin this weekend. No idea what we were going to eat. Had no idea who was even coming up this weekend. Luckily my wonderful husband had already invited our friends Kevin and Kendall up for the weekend. They're driving up as I type. Should be an awesome, relaxing weekend with my love and two great friends.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seven random thoughts about, well, nothing really.

ONE: It'd be easier if I just did what the lady said. Instead, every 6 months when I go to the dentist I lay in the chair and squirm as the dental hygienist asks me how often I floss. Can't say once a day; she called me out on that once. Yeah, that was awkward. Today I say I "fell of the wagon the last month or so." "Start doing it," she says. "It's only for your benefit." Thanks for the guilt trip, lady.

TWO: My gums itch every time I eat red meat. I know, it's weird but they do, OK? I wanted to ask dental hygienist lady why this is, but I was fearful it has something to do with lack of flossing. After contemplating, I keep mum.

THREE: Are you guys watching The Next Food Network Star? I DVR'd a few episodes since there's not much on TV during the summer. I was blown away when I saw one of the contestants, Brad, and his uncanny resemblance to our friend Josh. Check it out for yourself!
Brad (The Next Food Network Star contestant)

Josh (R) with Andi - do you see it too?!

FOUR: Andi's been traveling off and on for the last 4 weeks. I'm so ready for him to be back home. I miss him! One thing I don't miss, however, is all the cleaning and laundry that is required with men. I did my first "small" load of laundry tonight in 2 weeks. And tonight, I'm sitting here watching E! News with a temperature of 83 degrees. Because I can. Andi would make us turn on the noisy window A/C for sure. But I can do whatever I want and that my friends feels good.

FIVE: Jillian's taken a vacation this week. I've just been too busy - or too tired - to work out. Maybe next week?

SIX: Isn't it funny how like clockwork life is? As I was making my next dentist appointment today I thought to myself, hmmm late December ... what if I'm preggo by then? I seriously can't wait for the day when I can say "no xrays for me this time, I'm pregnant" (or the like)... just can't wait.

SEVEN: Couples weekend at the cabin, and I couldn't be more excited! Food, fun and friends. Just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Reasons You'd Swear I'm Pregnant ...

...but I'm not!

1. I'm absolutely exhausted this week! It started last weekend when I slept far less hours than I'm accustomed to and cruised right into the busy work week of meetings. While many co-workers planned to meet after work again tonight, I graciously bowed out and came home. I have to admit, I'm a little nervous for the nearing days when I do have a baby - how will I ever function?

2. I'm craving bacon like nobody's business. How crazy is that?! I don't even like meat and for the past 6 months have attempted to eat all local, sustainable meat when I do. Yet for some reason, I haven't been able to resist ordering a BLT on restaurant menus or the yummy bacon tomato brushcetta on yesterday's lunch menu. Mmmm, bacon.

3. My stomach's the size of Rhode Island. Sure, it could be a tell-tale sign of continuous eating since Friday. Yet I find little comfort in that reality when my stomach is larger than girlfriends who actually are pregnant. Quick, I must eat healthy before the weekend gets here (and the moment at which I wear a swimming suit). That will mean omitting bacon. See #2

4. Did I mention how tired I am? Dang, I'm struggling to put this post together. My pillow is calling my name ...

5. And then there's the water works. Ultra-emotional as I'm missing my husband who's traveling yet again this week. Teary-eyed as I watch cute commercials on television. Ha! Just now, I found myself spaced out at the television as I watched a food commercial on TV. And now I'm salivating. Lord help me ...

Am I pregnant? I definitely know that I am not.

My only other diagnosis?

I am a girl.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Oooh nelly, I'm exhausted. This 29 year old body just can't hang like I used to.

I joined Andi in Chicago this weekend for a work event he was in town to support and also to visit our dear friends Ellie and Derrick. I arrived early Friday and met Ellie for lunch at this fabulous little restaurant by her house called Big Star. It was hot, hot, hot in Chicago on Friday and let's just say the margaritas poured down the spout just a little too good. Fun times for sure, but a little too much fun for my usual fare.

Saturday Ellie, Andi and I went to brunch at a cute, little Euro restaurant then walked around her neighborhood browsing shops and restaurants. Later in the day we drove over to the event site and watched Ellie's boyfriend Derrick at work, came home and showered up and then hit the event after party.

I called up my old childhood friend Nick who's living in Chicago now and was able to meet up with him Saturday night as well. Fabulous to see him - I think it's been over 2 years!

Andi pounds a fishbowl with our friend Adam and I'm the one who still has a headache THREE days later?! Seriously.

And finally, Sunday we went to brunch with Derrick and Ellie before heading to the airport. I just can't GO like that anymore, I really can't. My brain seriously hurts today.

So in review, what I can tell you about my weekend in Chicago is: We had fun. We drank and ate A LOT. I'm exhausted.

The end.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Go Girl!

Andi's mom Janie is embarking on a two week trip to Greece on Saturday. I am SOOOOOO jealous! She's started a blog titled Thirty Year Dream to journal her experiences. Wanna join me in living vicariously through her adventure?

So, how cool is this? Thirty years ago, twenty-six year old Janie backpacked across Europe with a girlfriend for six months. As the two traveled around, they visited many countries but ran out of time and never made it to Greece. "I promise I'll be back one day," Janie said to herself.

Cut to a few months ago. Janie's niece Laura (Andi's cousin) was talking about a friend of hers who won an all-expenses paid trip to Greece. Janie told Laura about her dream to one day make it back there. "What are you waiting for?" Laura said. "Let's GO!"

And so they are.

I'm beyond thrilled for Janie and can't wait to see / hear all about her exciting adventure. If this picture of Greece does the country any justice, she's going to have an amazing time!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You won't see tears from this Minnesota girl!

Thanks for all the comments and messages about yesterday's post. Feeling much better today. I think I was just tired and felt neglected by my husband and well, we all know what happens then  .... hsssss!

So, switching topics ... It sounds like the Nebraska Cornhuskers are announcing Friday they're leaving the Big 12 Conference and joining the Big 10. I couldn't be more excited! I'm putting on my most serious face when I tell you the fact that Nebraska games are rarely on TV in Minnesota is my only dislike in living here. If the Huskers join the Big 10, their games will be on TV every weekend and, AND they'll likely play a few games against the Minnesota Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium. If I'm forced to work at Gopher football games, at least my Huskers will be playing. I might have to wear Minnesota clothes (I would be "on the clock" for the University after all), but I could certainly wear my Nebraska stuff underneath. Think they make Husker underwear? I better start shopping!

This latest development miiight throw a curve ball in my baby plans, however. My grand ol' scheme was to strategically plan to have a baby at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season so my maternity leave would magically excuse me from working every Saturday of another fall football season. (all you mothers out there can start heckling me now as you tell me how you can't plan a baby) ... but hey, it's my bubble I live in OK?

Think of the weekend get togethers we could host up here for football games. Oh how fun it'd be to have our Nebraska friends up for the Minnesota v. Nebraska game every other year. I can barely contain myself I'm so excited!

Sorry Mom, looks like I might never move back now ...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A No Good, Very Bad Day

Do you ever have those days where absolutely everything boils your blood? Not one thing worse than the other but several mediocore happenings that make you want to crawl into bed and call it a day at 7:57pm.

Today in no particular order, the following things took place:
  • I was forced to attend a work meeting which was a) not suprisingly, completely unorganzied b) an exact reinactment of a prior meeting which took place 3 months ago; of which, there's been no progress in those said 3 months.
  • My summer intern came down with mono. Summer orientation starts tomorrow.
  • My husband's been traveling for two consecutive weeks, worked until 8pm last night and came home so cracked he could barely form a sentence, then went to coffee with a friend tonight instead of coming home to hang. He leaves again for two weeks tomorrow morning.
  • 30 Day Shread kicked my ass and I could barely walk today.
  • Chloe's throwing up again ... not loving the fact she isn't feeling well again.
  • Cramps.
On the upside:
  • It rained today so I didn't have to water my yard.
  • I did The Shread for Day 2 and it was easier this time around.
  • I get to see my friend Ellie this weekend!!
  • I only had 1 Diet Coke today.
  • It's time for bed. Tomorrow's another day.
Thanks for the bitch session.

Monday, June 7, 2010

30 Days ... In a ROW?!

I started working out today. It's literally been A YEAR since I did anything remotely close to cardiovascular activity. I'm mean, sure, I've likely worked up a sweat in the last year by riding a bicycle or mowing the lawn but it's been 310 DAYS since I "worked out." 310.

I've noticed this summer my typical get skiny work out routine hasn't taken the same effect. I'm starting to get a little panicked that as I'm getting older, my body's not going to respond as quickly to changes as it has in the past. Couple that with the fact that I'd like to be giving birth in the next year or so and being in good shape will help me bounce back quicker, I figured it's about time to get a decent exercise routine in place.

So I came home from work today and immediately pulled out the lawn mower to quickly check that off my list. I'm one of those weird OCD people that likes to mow my lawn on the same day every week in the summer to make sure it's always in tip top shape. Drives me nuts when the grass gets any too long.

Anyway, after I finished the lawn and drug the sprinkler all around the yard, I popped in Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. So far, so good I'm thinking. I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack about half way in but another 10ish minutes and it was over. Short. To the point. Lots of variety. I might be able to stick to this one ... although 30 days in a row? Well, we'll see how it goes. I Neflix'd the DVD as a trial period. No need to COMMIT if I can't stick with it.

After my big work out, I hopped in the shower, went to the grocery store, made dinner for Andi and I, cleaned up dinner and did the dishes and finished my yard watering. I'm literally so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I actually feel like I accomplished something today.

We'll see how Day 2 goes ...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Rainbow

More fun at the cabin with Andi's parents ...

Last night, the four of us went to a nice dinner at Norway Ridge Supper Club in Ideal Corners, Minnesota. (Isn't that the funniest name for a little country town)? Anyway, our dinner was so delicious; we stuffed ourselves silly. Andi and his parents each ordered scallops; I had the petit filet. Seriously the best meal we've had in a long time! My favorite parts (in no particular order):
  • Dinner salads were served with their own plate of crunchy toppings - bacon bits, sunflower seeds and shredded cheese. Genius I tell ya!
  • A girl like me likes a LOT of butter with her meal and thankfully there was an entire dish full of butter pads on our table. I never felt at a loss for butter and for my dining experience, that makes all the difference.
  • Mojitos with freshly picked mint - so yummy
The decor, however, was another story. This place was a spitting image of my great-grandma's house -- the smell of flowers and potporri was overwhelming. In fact, I held my breath when I went to the ladies room - it was that potent. Next to the restaurant was a little shop called the Kottage with knick-knacks and wreaths for sale. I found a sign there that'd be perfect for my mom - it said "Everyone has to believe in something ... I believe I'll open a bottle of wine." How cute is that?

After dinner, we came home and sat around the fire. It was lightly sprinkling so we "cheated" and lit the propane fire pit underneath the front porch awning. As we were sipping our after dinner cocktails, Andi noticed a rainbow over the lake. He grabbed the camera and we raced out to the dock as fast as we could. Look at this breathtaking view - have you ever seen a complete rainbow in your lifetime? Especially so perfectly shaped over our lake? So beautiful it didn't even seem real.

And just like that ... it was gone.

I think my favorite part of the cabin is discovering nature around us. Lord knows I've never been much of an outdoorsy girl, but something about this place forces you to sit back and breathe in the fresh, crisp air and listen deeply to the chirp of the birds.

Absolute bliss.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can't say what I really want to tell you, so you get this instead ...

What I really want to talk about is the amazingly awesome present I got Andi for our one year anniversary. You know how I am with keeping secrets (read: not very good at all) and since he's likely reading this in lieu of the morning paper (hi honey!) I will ramble on about other mindless stuff while avoiding that subject at all costs. If you want to know what my great idea is email me here.

So what else is on my mind?

Well, Andi and I drove up to the cabin this morning. Suprisingly, none of the other couples came up here this weekend so it's just Andi and I. Well, actually we also invited his parents to come along too. Definintely not lake weather this weekend - only about 63 degrees outside right now! - but we'll find plenty to do relaxing, reading and fishing. I find it so funny that Chloe knows when we're getting close to the cabin now. About a mile away she starts spinning circles in the car and would probably jump out the window if I let her.

There's a restaurant up here Andi's dying to try called Old Milwaukee Saloon. Apparently they have $3 Long Islands served in a Mason jar and all-you-can-eat crab legs and salad bar for $14.99. In Andi speak that means he'll likely eat himself silly without stopping for any bit of dinner conversation until I roll him out of the restaurant. Think there'll be romance that night? I think not. But I bet there will be lots of moaning and groaning!

This cool, June weekend reminds me of the first time my parents came up to visit us from Nebraska. It was the first weekend in June about three years ago. That weekend was also 60's and rainy and my parents may have underestimated the seasonality change while heading up North. My poor cold baby Dad  wore flannel pajama pants and a hooded sweatshirt (with the hood up!) most of the weekend because he was nearly freezing to death. Now whenever we invite my parents up to Minnesota in June my mom always says, "well, it's too cold for us there in early summer. Let's shoot for later ... like August." Oh, parents :)

Minneapolis visit
June 2007

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Currently In May (albeit, a few days late)

Current Books: I read Chelsea Handler's new book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang in May. I like how easy reading these books are; mindless and happy. Although, I will say this book wasn't as funny as her other two My Horizontal Life and Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea?  Next I'm reading Animal Vegetable Miracle.

Current Play list: Loving on John Mayer's latest Battle Studies album. Also listening to Lady Antebellum over. and over. and over. Time in the car to/from the cabin has made me rediscover some of my favorites.

Current Guilty Pleasure: I bought some Laughing Cow cheese wedges last week, but not the light kind - original. Andi's always funny about light and fat free foods so while I did it to please him, I've found myself eating the cheese with Wheat Thins. Delicious and so creamy since it's the real deal extra love-handle kind!

Current Color: Black. Again? For reals.

Current Drink: Andi and I had $30 left of wedding gift certificates at Bed, Bath and Beyond last month. Did we buy something useful for the house? Nope. We bought a hugo pitcher which we brought to the cabin and made Vodka Limeades last weekend. They were so yummy - limeade was such a nice change-up from regular, ole lemonade.

Current Food: It's happened before and I know how it ended last time. In 2007, Andi and I went to Kauai, Hawaii, bought food for our condo-style hotel and made kabobs for what seemed like every stinkin' meal. I was so sick of kabobs by the time we left there, I swore I'd never eat them again. And then Andi's mom made them for Lindsay's birthday last week ... and they were delicious ... and then we made them at the cabin last weekend .. and now I'm loving on kabobs. I should stop now but ...

Current Favorite Shows: Just finishing the 3rd season of The Tudors on Neflix. Damn good series. One more episode and then we wait for season 4 to make it to DVD. I'm sad for my "go to" night time show to end. On the upside, 30 Day Shred is next in my Neflix queue and let's face it, this workout motivation won't last long so it's best if Jillian Michaels gets here soon ...

Current Wish list: I'm reading back on my list from April and can't believe how my "wish" for extra cash to plant flowers came to fruition. I won $$ playing pickle cards and didn't have to fork over a dollar to flowers this spring. Sweet! Let's hope my wishing streak stays hot! Here's what I'm jonseing for this month...

1) wishing for stronger willpower in eating better foods at work

2) determination to stay focused on going to church (or at least listening to the sermon pod casts) this summer. I'm struggling between our attachment to church and going to the cabin every weekend this summer.

3) New paint color for our bedroom and spare bedroom.

Current Needs: While I'm not breaking down just yet, I feel the neeeed coming on to spend some quality time with my husband. Summer's are always like this - busy at work for him - but I miss spending our nights together.

Current Triumphs: You know, I've really made some progress this year in paying down some debt. I'm nearly there and it feels really good :) Couldn't have done it without good support from my husband.

Current Bane Of My Existence: Selfishly: I have two canker sores inside my mouth and they HURT so bad. When's the last time you had one of those? For me, forever. Ugh. Unselfishly: The oil spill in the Gulf. I can barely watch the coverage on TV. How horrible for the environment and the economy...

Current Celebrity Crush: Kendra Wilkinson. I know she's probably annoying to everyone else, but I find her real and entertaining. And yes I'll admit, I DVR her show on E!

Current Indulgence: The cabin. We're so privileged to have such a refuge to spend our summer. I love it there!

Current Blessing: Can you believe I've been married for nearly a year? I'm so blessed with a wonderful first year of marriage. I'm more in love with Andi today than I ever have been. So, so lucky!

Current Outfit: Black yoga pants and a tank. Love summer.

Current Excitement:
1) Couple's weekend at the cabin Father's Day weekend

2) Going home to Nebraska for little Brooke's 3rd birthday in July

3) The birth of my two cousin's babies :)

Current Mood: Anxious to get outside for a walk with Chloe, ... just as soon as I finish this!

Current Link: OBSESSED with this website: . Who doesn't love party ideas, especially cool ones like these?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7 Quick Takes: blog "thoughts" if you will

ONE:  I was all ready to write a post about first anniversary present ideas today. I really want to stick to the first anniversary = paper theme and have been racking my brain the last few weeks for unique ideas for my husband. I mean, what really do you get the man who has everything? What's more, the man who consistently "out gifts" you every holiday?

And then today ... POW! The most awesome idea ever - I am so excited I can barely stand it! I can't tell you about it now .. you'll have to wait until the end of July with my hubby. Just wait ... It's going to be amazing!

TWO: I also planned to blog about the rest of our Memorial Day weekend cabin adventures...but I'm waiting for photos from Andi's computer. I can tell you, we had the best weekend ever. We have some of the best friends, seriously. More to come on this ...

THREE: My parent's 33rd wedding anniversary is Thursday. Thirty three. I feel amazingly blessed to have two loving parents who are still in love with one another. Sure, they've had their ups and downs but who doesn't? I am so thankful for their dedication to our family.

FOUR: My potted flowers are going to take it in the pants this summer. I came home from the cabin this weekend to on-the-brink-of-death Inpatients. Thoughts on how to keep them alive while I'm gone this summer? I'm thinking those Aqua Globes you see at Walgreen's...

FIVE: Got a call from one of our tenants today. Apparently, the hot water heater went out at one of our properties. You know, if it's not one thing it's another. And I especially despise dumping money into a house that we hate anyway. But what do you do ... well, you fork over $700 for a new water heater. Isn't being an adult grand sometimes?

SIX: Today Andi got a hand-written thank you from Amazon for being a valued customer. Now do you believe me? My husband has a serious addition ... somebody call Dr. Drew.

SEVEN: Anyone else absolutely SHOCKED that May has already come and gone? I didn't even have a chance to write my Currently in ... blog post. Whoops! Does it still count if I make it up in June?