Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Go Girl!

Andi's mom Janie is embarking on a two week trip to Greece on Saturday. I am SOOOOOO jealous! She's started a blog titled Thirty Year Dream to journal her experiences. Wanna join me in living vicariously through her adventure?

So, how cool is this? Thirty years ago, twenty-six year old Janie backpacked across Europe with a girlfriend for six months. As the two traveled around, they visited many countries but ran out of time and never made it to Greece. "I promise I'll be back one day," Janie said to herself.

Cut to a few months ago. Janie's niece Laura (Andi's cousin) was talking about a friend of hers who won an all-expenses paid trip to Greece. Janie told Laura about her dream to one day make it back there. "What are you waiting for?" Laura said. "Let's GO!"

And so they are.

I'm beyond thrilled for Janie and can't wait to see / hear all about her exciting adventure. If this picture of Greece does the country any justice, she's going to have an amazing time!

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