Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Currently In June

Hello? Are you still out there ... I've been seriously stringing you along this month. I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and write to you about my life. It's summer .. and there's better things to do like boat and fish and grill and ... enjoy the sunshine! Here's what I've been up to this month:

Current Books: Last week at a work meeting, a fellow marketer gave me a book called Getting Naked. Say wha? No worries, it's about becoming transparent to your clients and it's a great read! Super easy to follow and a fast page-turner. Definitely recommend it if you're in a career that requires working with clients or customers. Oh, and I'm also still reading Animal Vegetable Miracle .. but that's a cabin read and well, haven't done much reading up there the last few weeks.

Current Playlist: Hmmmm....mostly I've been into Top 40 hits (like Justin Bieber - I'm such a dork!) and a little bit of Country too. Anything upbeat, fun and summer-ish.

Current Guilty Pleasure: This month I'm attempting, very diligently I might add, to limit myself to one caffeine beverage per day. Just forward thinking I guess to the day when I won't be able to drink 5 Diet Cokes in a day. However, the cabin (yes, getting to my point here) and all our friends are peer pressuring me into drinking waaay more alcoholic beverages than I ever do. Which has me feeling super guilty lately for fear that my future baby will somehow feel the effects of every gin and tonic, vodka limeade and Twisted Tea I drink. Oh, how challenging it is to be a girl sometimes ...

Current Color: Black, obvs., and Olive Green

Current Drink: Gin and Tonics with cucumber. Delish.

Current Food: Craving juicy cheeseburgers lately. And bacon, yummy crispy bacon. On anything.

Current Favorite Shows: This month I'm watching Next Food Network Star. We started Netflix'ing a new series called Rescue Me ... so far it's OK. Anyone have good t.v. show recommendations? Summer is a hard time to watch television ...

Current Wish list: My June wish has finally come true ... Andi's back home after his whirlwind schedule at work. This is the first week since May 17 we're both home together. It's been fantastic. Also this week, my husband's called and text me multiple times during the work day. It's like the stars are aligning! Quick, I should wish for more stuff!

Current Needs: I jonesing to see my family. We're heading home next weekend and I couldn't be more excited! It's been 3 months since I've seen all their pretty faces :)

Current Triumphs: Feel like I'm on a roll at work lately. While I've had my share of stupid girl moments this month (but hey, what's new?) I've also brainstormed some really good ideas that people actually LIKED and I think will be IMPLEMENTED and help to GROW our business. That always feels good.

Current Bane Of My Existence: Tense shoulders from lots of computer work lately. Would love a massage, preferably at my favorite spa in downtown Minneapolis. It's heaven there ...

Current Celebrity Crush: I have this ritual of waking up ... I like to set my alarm for a half an hour before I need to get up, turn on the t.v. and watch the news to gently wake up for my day. (Andi thinks I'm crazy ... he's one of those "alarm goes off and pop out of bed" kind of people). Anyway, for the longest time I always watched the Today Show and then lately, all of a sudden, I'm super annoyed with those news anchors. I find myself tuning into The Early Show which I find crazy. It's like laundry detergent to me ... how often do people really switch from one brand to another? Long story short, I'm crushing on The Early Show these days.

Current Indulgence: I'm actually really enjoying meal planning and cooking for cabin weekends this summer. It's fun to research different ideas for menus, try new recipes and see the happy faces of all our friends while they stuff themselves silly.

Current Blessing: My little niece, Brookie, is turning 3 years old on Friday!!! I'm so excited and very teary-eyed at how fast she's growing up. I can't wait to celebrate her birthday next weekend.

Current Outfit: Sweat pants and a Doors t-shirt. Hot.

Current Excitement: Fourth of July this weekend! Whoo! By the way... do you say "Fourth of July" or "Independence Day?" I heard someone saying the latter today and thought to myself how Midwestern I must be to say Fourth of July. What do you say?

Current Mood: Strangely awake at midnight. I must sign off soon ...

Current Link: Andi showed me this website the other day which I thought was pretty hilarious.  Enjoy!

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  1. Speaking of netflix, have you seen Shutter Island? So good!