Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seven random thoughts about, well, nothing really.

ONE: It'd be easier if I just did what the lady said. Instead, every 6 months when I go to the dentist I lay in the chair and squirm as the dental hygienist asks me how often I floss. Can't say once a day; she called me out on that once. Yeah, that was awkward. Today I say I "fell of the wagon the last month or so." "Start doing it," she says. "It's only for your benefit." Thanks for the guilt trip, lady.

TWO: My gums itch every time I eat red meat. I know, it's weird but they do, OK? I wanted to ask dental hygienist lady why this is, but I was fearful it has something to do with lack of flossing. After contemplating, I keep mum.

THREE: Are you guys watching The Next Food Network Star? I DVR'd a few episodes since there's not much on TV during the summer. I was blown away when I saw one of the contestants, Brad, and his uncanny resemblance to our friend Josh. Check it out for yourself!
Brad (The Next Food Network Star contestant)

Josh (R) with Andi - do you see it too?!

FOUR: Andi's been traveling off and on for the last 4 weeks. I'm so ready for him to be back home. I miss him! One thing I don't miss, however, is all the cleaning and laundry that is required with men. I did my first "small" load of laundry tonight in 2 weeks. And tonight, I'm sitting here watching E! News with a temperature of 83 degrees. Because I can. Andi would make us turn on the noisy window A/C for sure. But I can do whatever I want and that my friends feels good.

FIVE: Jillian's taken a vacation this week. I've just been too busy - or too tired - to work out. Maybe next week?

SIX: Isn't it funny how like clockwork life is? As I was making my next dentist appointment today I thought to myself, hmmm late December ... what if I'm preggo by then? I seriously can't wait for the day when I can say "no xrays for me this time, I'm pregnant" (or the like)... just can't wait.

SEVEN: Couples weekend at the cabin, and I couldn't be more excited! Food, fun and friends. Just what the doctor ordered.


  1. I too am someone who thinks ahead. I constantly catching myself doing that - with everything. I went to Hobby Lobby today and saw all of there Halloween decorations out and my first thought was OMG I will have a baby at Halloween!