Monday, June 14, 2010


Oooh nelly, I'm exhausted. This 29 year old body just can't hang like I used to.

I joined Andi in Chicago this weekend for a work event he was in town to support and also to visit our dear friends Ellie and Derrick. I arrived early Friday and met Ellie for lunch at this fabulous little restaurant by her house called Big Star. It was hot, hot, hot in Chicago on Friday and let's just say the margaritas poured down the spout just a little too good. Fun times for sure, but a little too much fun for my usual fare.

Saturday Ellie, Andi and I went to brunch at a cute, little Euro restaurant then walked around her neighborhood browsing shops and restaurants. Later in the day we drove over to the event site and watched Ellie's boyfriend Derrick at work, came home and showered up and then hit the event after party.

I called up my old childhood friend Nick who's living in Chicago now and was able to meet up with him Saturday night as well. Fabulous to see him - I think it's been over 2 years!

Andi pounds a fishbowl with our friend Adam and I'm the one who still has a headache THREE days later?! Seriously.

And finally, Sunday we went to brunch with Derrick and Ellie before heading to the airport. I just can't GO like that anymore, I really can't. My brain seriously hurts today.

So in review, what I can tell you about my weekend in Chicago is: We had fun. We drank and ate A LOT. I'm exhausted.

The end.


  1. Next time we'll have to plan it when Derrick's off and we can go around the city more. If it makes you feel better I've been hit with a virus! Ugh...awful...I feel bad reading your post though! I swear we don't ONLY drink! Was so nice having you here though. I miss you dammit!

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  3. HA! And nope, not a photo together : )