Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week In Review

Good lord, this last week has flown by. It's been a blink and it's gone kind of week ... and that's never a good thing in the summertime. Warm weather weeks are far too precious.

Andi's been jet-setting since May, busy with photo shoots and work stuff. We've literally high-fived at the door way as he's come and gone the last 5 weeks. And what happens the week he's finally home? I travel to Chicago for work. It turned out fine in the end; he was able to work late and catch up on much needed sleep and I spent a few days with my marketing gals from the Mid-West who I rarely see in the flesh.

Yes, Chicago was fun this week! A few creative marketing girls on our team decided to schedule our meetings off-site so we met at several of our company's accounts including Navy Pier. Check out this amazing shot I snapped with my Blackberry from our meeting room window.

Not a bad meeting view, eh?

In Chicago this week, I was also able to spend time with my one of my favorite friends, Melissa. We have one of those instant-friend relationships where we can pick up right where we left off. As anti-social as we may have been, we stayed in Wednesday night, ordered Thai food and a bottle of wine to my hotel room and laughed until we cried. How I do love that girl.

Mini panic attack on the plane ride home Thursday night as I realized it was almost Friday (you know, the day that usually follows Thursday) and I hadn't put a thought into the cabin this weekend. No idea what we were going to eat. Had no idea who was even coming up this weekend. Luckily my wonderful husband had already invited our friends Kevin and Kendall up for the weekend. They're driving up as I type. Should be an awesome, relaxing weekend with my love and two great friends.

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