Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Currently In May (albeit, a few days late)

Current Books: I read Chelsea Handler's new book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang in May. I like how easy reading these books are; mindless and happy. Although, I will say this book wasn't as funny as her other two My Horizontal Life and Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea?  Next I'm reading Animal Vegetable Miracle.

Current Play list: Loving on John Mayer's latest Battle Studies album. Also listening to Lady Antebellum over. and over. and over. Time in the car to/from the cabin has made me rediscover some of my favorites.

Current Guilty Pleasure: I bought some Laughing Cow cheese wedges last week, but not the light kind - original. Andi's always funny about light and fat free foods so while I did it to please him, I've found myself eating the cheese with Wheat Thins. Delicious and so creamy since it's the real deal extra love-handle kind!

Current Color: Black. Again? For reals.

Current Drink: Andi and I had $30 left of wedding gift certificates at Bed, Bath and Beyond last month. Did we buy something useful for the house? Nope. We bought a hugo pitcher which we brought to the cabin and made Vodka Limeades last weekend. They were so yummy - limeade was such a nice change-up from regular, ole lemonade.

Current Food: It's happened before and I know how it ended last time. In 2007, Andi and I went to Kauai, Hawaii, bought food for our condo-style hotel and made kabobs for what seemed like every stinkin' meal. I was so sick of kabobs by the time we left there, I swore I'd never eat them again. And then Andi's mom made them for Lindsay's birthday last week ... and they were delicious ... and then we made them at the cabin last weekend .. and now I'm loving on kabobs. I should stop now but ...

Current Favorite Shows: Just finishing the 3rd season of The Tudors on Neflix. Damn good series. One more episode and then we wait for season 4 to make it to DVD. I'm sad for my "go to" night time show to end. On the upside, 30 Day Shred is next in my Neflix queue and let's face it, this workout motivation won't last long so it's best if Jillian Michaels gets here soon ...

Current Wish list: I'm reading back on my list from April and can't believe how my "wish" for extra cash to plant flowers came to fruition. I won $$ playing pickle cards and didn't have to fork over a dollar to flowers this spring. Sweet! Let's hope my wishing streak stays hot! Here's what I'm jonseing for this month...

1) wishing for stronger willpower in eating better foods at work

2) determination to stay focused on going to church (or at least listening to the sermon pod casts) this summer. I'm struggling between our attachment to church and going to the cabin every weekend this summer.

3) New paint color for our bedroom and spare bedroom.

Current Needs: While I'm not breaking down just yet, I feel the neeeed coming on to spend some quality time with my husband. Summer's are always like this - busy at work for him - but I miss spending our nights together.

Current Triumphs: You know, I've really made some progress this year in paying down some debt. I'm nearly there and it feels really good :) Couldn't have done it without good support from my husband.

Current Bane Of My Existence: Selfishly: I have two canker sores inside my mouth and they HURT so bad. When's the last time you had one of those? For me, forever. Ugh. Unselfishly: The oil spill in the Gulf. I can barely watch the coverage on TV. How horrible for the environment and the economy...

Current Celebrity Crush: Kendra Wilkinson. I know she's probably annoying to everyone else, but I find her real and entertaining. And yes I'll admit, I DVR her show on E!

Current Indulgence: The cabin. We're so privileged to have such a refuge to spend our summer. I love it there!

Current Blessing: Can you believe I've been married for nearly a year? I'm so blessed with a wonderful first year of marriage. I'm more in love with Andi today than I ever have been. So, so lucky!

Current Outfit: Black yoga pants and a tank. Love summer.

Current Excitement:
1) Couple's weekend at the cabin Father's Day weekend

2) Going home to Nebraska for little Brooke's 3rd birthday in July

3) The birth of my two cousin's babies :)

Current Mood: Anxious to get outside for a walk with Chloe, ... just as soon as I finish this!

Current Link: OBSESSED with this website: . Who doesn't love party ideas, especially cool ones like these?


  1. Animal Vegetable Miracle was one of the more influential books in changing my eating habits...just so you are prepared! :)

  2. We seem so sympatico in May. Lady Antebellum, yes. Kendra, yes. Are you there Vodka, yes. Church, yes. Need a paint sample: (Glidden free paint samples).
    Thanks for the party website!

  3. Nice! I'm definitely going to check out the website for paint samples :)