Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You won't see tears from this Minnesota girl!

Thanks for all the comments and messages about yesterday's post. Feeling much better today. I think I was just tired and felt neglected by my husband and well, we all know what happens then  .... hsssss!

So, switching topics ... It sounds like the Nebraska Cornhuskers are announcing Friday they're leaving the Big 12 Conference and joining the Big 10. I couldn't be more excited! I'm putting on my most serious face when I tell you the fact that Nebraska games are rarely on TV in Minnesota is my only dislike in living here. If the Huskers join the Big 10, their games will be on TV every weekend and, AND they'll likely play a few games against the Minnesota Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium. If I'm forced to work at Gopher football games, at least my Huskers will be playing. I might have to wear Minnesota clothes (I would be "on the clock" for the University after all), but I could certainly wear my Nebraska stuff underneath. Think they make Husker underwear? I better start shopping!

This latest development miiight throw a curve ball in my baby plans, however. My grand ol' scheme was to strategically plan to have a baby at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season so my maternity leave would magically excuse me from working every Saturday of another fall football season. (all you mothers out there can start heckling me now as you tell me how you can't plan a baby) ... but hey, it's my bubble I live in OK?

Think of the weekend get togethers we could host up here for football games. Oh how fun it'd be to have our Nebraska friends up for the Minnesota v. Nebraska game every other year. I can barely contain myself I'm so excited!

Sorry Mom, looks like I might never move back now ...


  1. Zach was just talking about the big upcoming annoucement tonight! He is already counting down the days until the first game.

    Come next year the fam will just all have to make plans to come up to Minnesota to cheer on the Huskers and see your little one!

  2. Take it from me: You can plan a baby pretty close. I tried planning both of my pregnancies close to the end of the school year. You can give yourself a window and chances are you'll land somewhere within it.
    My friends still ask me for advice on how I planned so well. Get out the conceiving calendars! :P

  3. Jen - I would LOVE to host you, Zach and Baby C for a Husker game. You just let me know when ...

    Jessie - Good advice on the baby planning ... I might have to give you a call to learn all your secret tips!