Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can't say what I really want to tell you, so you get this instead ...

What I really want to talk about is the amazingly awesome present I got Andi for our one year anniversary. You know how I am with keeping secrets (read: not very good at all) and since he's likely reading this in lieu of the morning paper (hi honey!) I will ramble on about other mindless stuff while avoiding that subject at all costs. If you want to know what my great idea is email me here.

So what else is on my mind?

Well, Andi and I drove up to the cabin this morning. Suprisingly, none of the other couples came up here this weekend so it's just Andi and I. Well, actually we also invited his parents to come along too. Definintely not lake weather this weekend - only about 63 degrees outside right now! - but we'll find plenty to do relaxing, reading and fishing. I find it so funny that Chloe knows when we're getting close to the cabin now. About a mile away she starts spinning circles in the car and would probably jump out the window if I let her.

There's a restaurant up here Andi's dying to try called Old Milwaukee Saloon. Apparently they have $3 Long Islands served in a Mason jar and all-you-can-eat crab legs and salad bar for $14.99. In Andi speak that means he'll likely eat himself silly without stopping for any bit of dinner conversation until I roll him out of the restaurant. Think there'll be romance that night? I think not. But I bet there will be lots of moaning and groaning!

This cool, June weekend reminds me of the first time my parents came up to visit us from Nebraska. It was the first weekend in June about three years ago. That weekend was also 60's and rainy and my parents may have underestimated the seasonality change while heading up North. My poor cold baby Dad  wore flannel pajama pants and a hooded sweatshirt (with the hood up!) most of the weekend because he was nearly freezing to death. Now whenever we invite my parents up to Minnesota in June my mom always says, "well, it's too cold for us there in early summer. Let's shoot for later ... like August." Oh, parents :)

Minneapolis visit
June 2007

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  1. Wow! I better not tell Zach about the crab legs. I wouldn't be surprised if he had us drive up just to eat, ha ha!!

    Have a relaxing weekend at the cabin!