Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is This Thing On?


I feel like an entertainer back on stage after a really long hiatus. It wasn't too many days ago since I wrote here, but it sure feels like a lifetime.

First things first, everyone is healthy in our house again. The kids and I survived The Great Battle of Hand, Foot and Mouth and Andi's home from his big work event in Tennessee. He doesn't travel again for a few weeks, so all is right in our world again.

Reunited (from their quarantined sections of the house) and it feels so good!

Okay, last bit about Hand, Foot and Mouth and then I'll stop talking about it for good. In hindsight, I realize Aden had a pretty mild case of Hand, Foot and Mouth. He ran a fever and had a few spots, but didn't seem too affected. Tory, on the other hand, got hit big time with itchy bumps on her hands, feet and buttocks. Nine days later, the skin on her feet is peeling (gross, I know) and she still complains about them itching occasionally, though I think that's due to skin healing.

We blew through two cans of anti-itch spray, three tubes of hydrocortisone cream, one box of Domeboro solution, 1/2 a bottle of children's Benedryl and 1/2 a bottle of children's Ibuprofen ... and I wouldn't say any of the medicine was particular effective in relieving Tory's discomfort. The feeling of helplessness is the absolute worst when a child is sick. Last week was just awful. I think I have HFM PTSD and I hope we never have to deal with that nasty virus again. *shudder*

Monday, the kids and I made an impromptu stop for lunch at Chipolte because we were out buying a new dryer (ours went kaput Sunday - great timing!) and we had to pick up Andi when he got back into town. We never go out to lunch (Tory and I have maybe gone twice? Never w/ Aden) so it was a special treat. Tory was obviously excited as she exclaimed, "Best day ever!" when her kids quesadilla arrived.

Andi travels again next month over Halloween, so I've decided to take the kids to Nebraska while he's gone. There's no way I'm solo parenting on Halloween and not because I'm scared to be alone, but because I can't imagine anything more depressing than taking Tory and Aden trick-or-treating by myself and then coming home to an empty house. No, thank-you. Now that we'll be with my family, I'm head-over-heels excited for Halloween to arrive. It's going to be like old times! My mom already said she'll make chili and cinnamon rolls that night, and we'll trick-or-treat around the neighborhood with my nieces. Fun times.

Let's see, what else? Andi and I are taking the kids to Bayfield, WI this weekend for a mini family getaway. Our cabin is being remodeled right now, so we thought it was the perfect chance to do something different on a weekend. Fall colors are at their peak up North and the weather is suppose to be beautiful. I can't wait.

I'm hoping some family time will bring me out of the funk I'm in this week. I think it's a combination of tiredness and the sad fact my dear friend, Lindsey, is moving away next week. We've been trying to coordinate a time to get together for a glass of wine before she leaves town and between finding babysitters and her crazy life right before their move, it just isn't happening. I know we'll remain friends after she leaves town and we even have plans to vacation together this winter, but it's not the same as having one of your best friends right down the road. Bummed to say the least.

This little dude is still trying to figure out this crawling thing ...

He's changing so much lately, and really starting to look like a little boy. I think it's the hair.

Okay, off to whip up some dinner before Andi arrives home from work. I meal-planned a bunch of healthy "clean" recipes before sickness took hold of our house, and now all I feel like eating are cookies and Cheeto-s. So, let's see what I can throw together that won't sound like cardboard.


  1. Glad to hear everyone is feeling well again. Poor T - sounds like she had such a rough go of it. When my niece had HFM a couple of years ago and she lost all of her toenails after due to blisters that grew underneath. It can get pretty nasty :( THe good news is that its one of those viruses that our unlikely to get again (so they say!).
    Enjoy your weekend away!

  2. Check out the apple fest in bayfield while you're there!

  3. I have done Halloween alone a couple times and I wish I could go to my moms. Never had worked out. Glad you had fun going out to eat. We go out a lot. Went out to lunch today in fact, as the housekeepers were here and Ethan just tries to get at all their cleaning supplies.

  4. phew, glad things have simmered down and are much healthier. May that never grace your door again!
    Glad Halloween worked out into something fun! Cinnamon rolls and chili...that is my love language right there.

  5. yikes on the HFM! We missed out on all that fun.