Monday, November 3, 2014

Kid Comparisons

I've been in a comparison mood lately. (Because, seriously, who doesn't love a good kid comparison?) Something about Aden being mobile now has my mind reminiscing the days when Tory was the same age.

Like Halloween 2012 // Halloween 2014, when Tory and Aden dressed in the same lion costume. I strive to see similarities between my kids' but, yeah ... hmmm ... nothing. Same parents; completely different kids. Go figure.

Tory at 14 months, October 2012 

Aden at 11 months, October 2014


Yesterday, Aden was crawling around my parents' kitchen floor and a memory of Tory rounding the same corner popped into my mind. I grabbed my (not as fancy as Andi's) camera and snapped his picture.

Tory at 9 months old, May 2012 

Aden at 11 months, November 2014

My Nebraska aunts, uncles and cousins came together at my parent's house Sunday afternoon for Sloppy Joe's. As always, it was super fun (and super crazy) getting seven kids under the age of seven together in one place. The decibel level of kid screeching was ear-piercing. And, of course, we loved every minute!

Whenever we're all together (even almost, this time sans my cousin Tara's kiddos), we try to snap a picture of the little kids together. Here's a few of the most recent:

Christmas Eve, December 2013

Mother's Day Weekend, May 2014

At the dairy farm, July 2014

Halloween Weekend, November 2, 2014

This family photo was a ... bit difficult to capture. Finleigh (14 months) was having none of it, and escaped from the sofa as quickly as her mama, Jes, set her there. On her way down, she squished Aden, who was seated next to her, and he started to shriek. A second after I snapped this photo with my camera, Tory took all the commotion as her exit sign and fled the couch as well. Half the kids were crying by the end. Note to future selves, cousins: Take the kids' photos at the beginning of the gathering, not at the end. Also? Maybe the first day of Daylight Savings Time, when kid naps were jacked and schedules were jostled, wasn't the best time to document the occasion. Or, maybe it was because it exactly sums up the beautiful chaos of our lives right now.


  1. Wow, Tory and Aden look more alike as babies than I previously thought! Their coloring is different, but very similar shaped faces, noses, and eyes! I love comparison shots too :)

  2. I love getting all the little ones together and trying to capture a photo! The noise was insane Sunday but I loved every minute of it!! I hope our kids have great memories growing up together just like we all did!! : )

  3. They look alike in the kitchen picture, the same eyes definitely...and nose.
    haha, yes maybe at the start of the fun when everybody is happy...but hey chaos is the name of the game so that is good too =)