Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa's Shopping List: What My Kids Are Getting For Christmas

I'm a complete slacker in shopping for Christmas gifts this year. Usually, I've got a list populated by October and presents wrapped and under the tree by mid-month but this year, the countdown to Christmas Day is creeping up on me. Alas, I do have a list of presents Santa Claus is bringing my little elves this year ... his workshop just hasn't made them (ahem, purchased them) yet.

Last year, I tried the now-famous Want / Need / Wear / Read gift giving philosophy, and it worked out really well for us. Tory and Aden generously receive so many gifts from family members over the holidays, they don't really need more stuff. Santa Claus will leave his gifts proudly displayed in front of the tree on Christmas morning and that'll be it. They won't receive additional gifts from Andi and I, though I will admit it takes mad will-power skills on my part to contain the gift-buying to only four items per child.

Tory's big Something I Want gift this year is a beauty vanity. She hasn't asked for this gift specifically, but I know she'll go nuts over it. One of her little friends has a similar toy vanity and Tory bee-lines for it the minute we enter her house. I hesitated buying this gift because we need another big plastic toy in our house like we need a hole in the head, but Santa Claus shows no restraint. It's Christmastime!

Tory (Age 3)

For Something I Need, Tory is getting a Melissa and Doug brand My First Calendar. This is perfect timing because she is so interested in the days of the week, months of the year, etc., but still needs a little practice in what order they happen. At preschool, the kids sing a days of the week song to the tune of the Addams Family theme and it's just the cutest thing. Anyway, I'm hoping this calendar helps her.

Tory insists on wearing dresses near daily, so that's what she'll receive for Something to Wear. 

And, for the Something to Read category, she'll be thrilled when she discovers a new collection of Fancy Nancy stories waiting for her under the Christmas tree. Fancy Nancy is one of her newest obsessions and I secretly enjoy reading the books with her, too.

Aden has been a very sweet boy this year, so Santa Claus is bringing him lots of fun things as well. For Something I Want, Aden is getting a collection of Little People toys. He is obsessed with all of Tory's little dollhouse characters and crawls around the house with them clutched in his cute, chubby hands, so I think he'll like the Little People Tow and Pull Tractor (we already have the barn) and the Little People Wheelies Airport (we already have the airplane).

Aden (Age 1)

This is a bit of a stretch, but for Something I Need, Aden is getting a set of musical instruments. This boy loves our weekly music class so much, I think he'll enjoy the toddler-friendly maracas, shaker eggs, bells and drums. They're somewhat educational, and I know Tory will get a kick out of playing with them, too.

For Something to Wear, Santa is giving Aden a cute little outfit. Mama, err, I mean Santa has no trouble buying adorable little boy clothes for him.

To add to our growing book collection, Aden will receive Roadwork and Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site for the Something to Read category. I love adding little boy books to our personal library and I hope he enjoys reading these as well.


  1. Serious restraint! I always seem to have these big plans to keep things small and simple and then I go to wrap gifts and see that I have, once again!, gone way overboard. Oh well, at least the gifts they enjoy now are really cheap, so a smaller budget goes a really long way!
    I adore the fancy Nancy books :) And I"m having fun buying "boy books" for Buddy this Christmas too. It's still so crazy to me how much he loves trucks and cars and tractors, whereas my girls had virtually no interest in such books.

  2. Fun! I'm curious, do you do stockings too? What do you put in them?

    1. Santa brings stockings for the kids, too. I haven't finished buying for them yet, but Tory's getting a princess flashlight, plastic bracelets, some little princess figurines, toothpaste and a toothbrush ... ?? and Aden is getting a push car, socks, pacifiers, a toothbrush ... ??