Thursday, June 2, 2016

Signs of Summer

Anytime we're at the lake is wonderful, but summertime (or in this case, springtime that feels like summer) is magical. There's no place better than our lake cabin on a warm, sunny day.

The weather in May was GORGEOUS and our little family enjoyed many boat rides around the lake, playing in the sand at the beach and ATV rides in the woods. Fortunately, our cabin is located in a bay where the water is "warmer" than other parts of the lake, so Tory and Aden have been swimming in the water for a few weeks already. I put emphasis on the word "warmer" because the water temperature it's about 60 degrees. Too cold for this mama to join them for a dip!

Andi purchased a stand-up paddle board a few weekends ago, and that's one activity we've all enjoyed doing in the water. A paddle board is similar to a surf board, but works by standing on it and propelling oneself with an oar. It doesn't take much skill -- only balance -- and is perfect for the calm waters in front of our cabin. Either Andi or I paddle while Tory and Aden ride along on the front of it.

The fish are coming into the shallow, structured parts of North Pipe Lake, so Andi, the kids and I have spent quite a bit of time fishing together. Andi gave Tory her own "real" fishing pole this year, and she's surprisingly good at casting her line out and reeling it back in. A few of the fish she's caught were on her own accord! I'm learning to enjoy fishing myself, and love that it's something we can do together as a family.    

Of course, Popsicles are mandatory on warm weather days. Tory and Aden begged me to take them to town one Saturday morning to pick up some frozen treats to eat by the lake. It's funny to watch as Aden gobbles his up as quickly as possible and Tory gives hers a series of nice, slow licks. Then with true brotherly love, Aden tries to bully Tory into giving him the rest of her treat! She's so sweet, she usually does it.

Bring on summer! I'm excited for all the memories we'll share at the lake in the next few months.

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