Thursday, July 11, 2013

Almost Famous

When Tory was a few months old, Andi signed her up with a local modeling agency.  I'm positive Tory is the most darling child I've ever laid eyes on (what parent doesn't think that about their own kid), but we definitely weren't shooting for childhood stardom with her enrollment. At best, Andi and I hoped she'd get a few audition call-backs, maybe see her picture in a city-wide circular or something and make a few bucks for her piggy bank.

Right away last summer, Tory was hired for a Target ad circular, but something fell threw with the clothing she was suppose to model and essentially, it never happened. Shortly after, she got another gig as a packaging model for 3M Filtrete, but I've never seen her photo on any of their filters (not that I browse the filter aisle all that often). I'm not sure they ever used her photo, but she did earn a few hundred dollars for her time. Her first paycheck, you could say. Girlfriend's gotta earn her keep in our family. (I'm kidding!)

We sort of stopped sending in new pictures of Tory as she grew older and haven't been to any try-outs in a while now. The auditions were always last-minute notice and when we had a nanny, the shoots fell on the days she worked requiring her to take Tory and me to coordinate all the details and worry about them getting there safely. Basically, is was kind of a pain in my rear so we stopped doing it.

Then a few months ago, a friend of ours who's the editor for our suburb's local magazine emailed Andi and asked if we'd be interested in modeling for one of their issues. The job would be un-paid, but fun nonetheless for our family to be photographed. In June, we went to the publishing office and posed for a little photo shoot session. They also asked me to be photographed for a separate article about a clothing store in town. Neither Andi or I were sure what would end up being featured, so we were surprised (and honored!) to see our photo grace the cover of July's Best of 2013 issue.

... and a second appearance of me inside the issue, sporting a Letterman's sweater that was definitely not fit for pregnancy. Thank goodness for Photoshop and the side-bar mention of my mom-to-be status.

Yep, we're basically famous. Okay, not really. Not even a little bit.

But! It is cool to stuff this magazine away in Tory's baby book and look back to remember the time our little family had fifteen minutes seconds of fame.

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