Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Four Years

Happy fourth anniversary to the love of my life, Andi.

Four years, look at us!

He's likely reading this blog post from an event site somewhere in Oregon as he's traveling for work this week. I would be more specific, but I honestly don't know any more detail than the fact he's in "Oregon." This a good example of the way our relationship works when he's on the road -- few details are shared about his work days until after he returns home and then I'm like, "Um, what! You were driving ATVs on the side of cliffs? Okay, glad you're home safe, honey."

The thing about Andi and I is this works for us. I don't need to know what's he's up all the time. We can even go for days without talking when he's on the road. It doesn't mean we don't love or miss each other. Quite the opposite, actually. Four years into marriage and almost eight years together, our relationship is filled with respect, admiration and trust. It's exactly what I hoped (and what I knew) our marriage would be. We give each other the space to be ourselves, to do the things that make us happy, while always being there (in physical or mental presence) with open arms and a listening ear.

Just because Andi's gone on our anniversary (or on any other day we're away from one another), doesn't mean I don't miss him like crazy. I love that man more today than the day I said "I do." My chest feels heavy when we're not together and I don't feel completely at ease again until we're reunited once more. We'll celebrate this anniversary with a date night out to dinner when he return from his work trip and it'll be just as special as if it were on our actual wedding anniversary date.

Last week, we continued our anniversary tradition of visiting Noerenberg Gardens. The first year we were married, Andi and I stood in the very spot we were married and recited our vows to one another. The next year (2nd anniversary), I was hugely pregnant with Tory and we visited the site, talked about our marriage and the way our family was about to change forever in just a few weeks time. Last year (3rd anniversary), we brought Tory to Noerenberg Gardens with us and marveled at how far we'd come together. This year (4th anniversary), we brought Tory to the gardens again and captured photos of our family of three, ready to embark on another baby adventure.

Four years!

The years have been good to Andi and I. We make a solid team together. I praise God everyday for pairing me with a man who's strong, funny, driven and irresistibly sexy. He's my soul mate and I'm so lucky to have him as mine.

Happy anniversary, my love!


  1. Happy Anniversary! This made me laugh because my husband and I are the same way when it comes to his traveling. People always make fun of me/can't believe I don't know specifics when I say "he's in a Dakota...I think" It's just too much to keep track of and many weeks he will go to several different states. I now usually just say that I know if he's flying or driving somewhere. I usually just want to know what day I can expect him back and if it will be before or after bedtime :) And the answer to those questions are usually "we'll see what happens" or "maybe wednesday, probably Thursday, or maybe Friday" so not always the most helpful!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Such a cool tradition of going back to where you said "I do" every year!

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    We are the same way... Not necessary to talk every day if he's traveling. I think it's fine.

  4. Happy Anniversary Heather!!! I look up to you & Andi so much!!!! Love how your marriage is real and honest. John & I both travel occasionally and actually it is a nice reprieve :). Enjoy your date night and celebrate!!