Friday, August 2, 2013

Blog Roll

I've been busily preparing for Baby Boy's November due date -- planning nursery decor, buying and washing clothes, etc -- and one thing I'm also trying to collect is things to do one-handed while I've got time on my hands and my butt planted in a rocking chair. Not that I expect to have an abundance of time during the day with two kids under two in my care, but I do know there will be many nighttime hours to kill while I'm feeding the baby every two/three hours. I also know from current experience that there's only so much email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to read before ALL THE INTERNET IS SCOURED. I've been to that point many times and it is LONELY.

Now that I have an iPhone and Kindle Fire, I expect to have more nursing-friendly entertainment at my fingertips, but it doesn't hurt to stock up on blogs and books to read so I have them at the ready. That's why I thought it'd be fun to post my active blog roll (active: meaning, people who post often) with you in hopes you will also share your favorite blogs in the comment section with me ... thus, filling up my Reader and supplying me with countless hours of entertainment while I'm up all hours of the day and night this winter. Come on, join me!

Blogs I've Been Into Lately:
Accelerated Baby
Adventures in Tullyland
Iowa Girl Eats
It's All Happening
Life of Lacey
Mighty Maggie
My Life In Transition
Navigating The Mothership
Raising Snowpeas
The Adventures of Erica
The Diniwilks
The Maiden Metallurgist
Yellow Mango Life

Okay, your turn! Leave a comment with your favorite blogs of late.


  1. Awww, thanks for including me :) Unfortunately for me, I am still up nursing every 2 hours at night (WHEN is this kid going to start sleeping longer stretches?!?!?!), so I do plenty of blog reading in the wee hours. I can't always comment because I'm reading one handed, but at least I'm up to date on my favs :)

    Here are a couple blogs I enjoy.... (she is due any day not with her 3rd boy!) (She posts a lot and I get a ton of fun party and DIY ideas from her!).

  2. I love Adventurous Kate - makes me want to travel the world! You and Andi actually could travel... I just dream about it :)

  3. Hi there- I follow the yellowmangolife blog (she's from my home town) and got your blog off her list. I check yours every once in awhile and just happened to check in and saw this post. A couple blogs I follow are
    This is about a mom of 3 (soon to be 4!) who has a daughter that was diagnosed with CDLS when she was born so it is her journey through everything, and she is a very good winter! Gives you a great outlook on life.

    Also is my cousin in law whose little guy has leukemia and her thoughts throughout it all. It's a little more on the spiritual side but good none the less. She just started it but hasnt posted much yet, but when she does, they are good reads.

    Kelli Mueller

  4. I feel like lots of the blogs I read haven't been posting as much lately. Life gets busy I guess! Ones I've always liked are:
    Mama at Home:
    Mannly Mama
    E is for Erin:
    Annie's Eats
    Young House Love (but they post somuch sometimes it's almost overwhelming)

    All of these the beauty lies in the archives which you can easily lose several hours of your life by reading, so enjoy :)

  5. Hey Girl!
    I can't believe it's just a few short months before little man is here! And not only that Tory is turning 2 soon! Crazy!

    So here are a couple I love to read: is my sister in law's blog - she just had a baby boy so is even more relevant than mine. She married Ross (you remember him from college) is another former Nebraska girl gone Chicago and she is funny. Iowa girl with a cute baby girl herself. She is creative and has great sarcasm in every post is a great one. She is super cute and trendy and has some fun posts about her daughter and life in general is one I just found and added to my daily reads

    Just a couple I enjoy! :)

  6. It's so fun to have some fresh reading material. Thanks everyone!

  7. A little late to the party here. But, a friend of mine recently started a blog about her family trying to adopt. Their bio son is the same age as my oldest & they just had a sibling set of 2 placed (there is a 3rd in the sibling set that they're not sure if they will get or not). Her stories are amazing & she is a beautiful writer. Her posts are almost always tear maybe not the best for pregnancy :)