Saturday, August 31, 2013


Tory's been talking more and more these days and the things she says leave Andi and I in stitches. She very quickly went from saying one word phrases for quite some time to two and three word sentences and now basically repeats anything we say.

Here are a few "Tory-isms" lately:


(When something drops on the floor or doesn't go her way)
Tory: "Oh, man!"


Andi: "Tory, why did you do that?"
Tory: "'Cuz."

*... and the back-talk begins.


(Laying upside down)
Tory: "Up down!"


(Pretending to change her Minnie Mouse doll's diaper)
Tory [with much authority]: "Stop it, Minnie!"

*Minnie must have been wiggling around. Guess it's time to start watching what I say!


(Throwing a tantrum at the park because she wanted Mommy, not Daddy, to carry her)
Andi [trying to distract her from screaming]: "Tory, should we go home and eat dinner? Do you want a quesadilla?"
Tory [abruptly stops mid-scream]: "Dip, too?"


(Chloe the Dog, barking at the front door.)
Tory [running through the house crazily]: "Oh, no! Chloe get me!"

*everything is "get me" lately ... bugs, Daddy, Chloe


Tory [making a fake crying sound] "Tory crying!"

*no longer feels the need to actually cry; instead, fake cries and tells you she's doing so.


Tory [wrapping a dish towel around her back]: "Super!"

*When visiting my parents in Nebraska this past month, one day my dad put a dish towel around Tory's back and called her "super Tory." She hasn't forgot it.


Tory: "High five? BOOM."

*Andi taught her how to high five and to do "knucks" by bumping fists together. Now Tory always wants to do both, always followed by a "BOOM."


Tory: "Cheers!"

*"Cheers-ing" our cups together started at meal times, but has quickly escalated to include other objects ... silverware, toast, toys, etc.


  1. I remember when Bella would want to make extra sure I was noticing her crying and she would call out, "Bey-yah cwying! Eyes dwipping! Nose running!" Lolz

    I looooove the language development stage. Oliver is just starting to get there and it's so much fun to hear what comes out of their mouths.

  2. Love it! I love all the funny things little ones say, it just cracks me up. It also makes me much more aware of how I talk too!