Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rutabaga Festival Weekend

This past weekend was the 81st Annual Rutabaga Festival at the cabin. We've made it a tradition to take part in the celebration over the past few years. Lord knows, I love me some small-town festivals!

We kicked things off Saturday morning by participating in the Rutabaga Run-Walk. Lately, my legs have been killing me due to this pregnancy so I knew this probably wasn't my brightest idea ... but we participated anyway. Most of our cabin friends ran the 5K, so Andi and I walked with Tory and our cabin neighbor's grand-daughter, Hannah, in the stroller. The girls had a fun time sitting together, eat snacks and reading books. Tory kept shouting "race!" as we were walked along the route. Andi and I were dead-last crossing the finish line (whatever, I'm 7 months pregnant) which dumped into the Rutabaga Festival beer garden.

Hannah and Tory

After the race, we walked browsed the sidewalk vendors in downtown Cumberland for a while. The remainder of the cabin weekend was kind of a blur. It was (finally!) hot, hot, hot outdoors, so we played sand toys on our beach in front of our cabin and did some yard chores while Tory took an afternoon nap.

Sunday was more of the same. Tory was up fairly early, so Andi, Tory and I took a breakfast boat cruise around the lake and ended up stopping by Oscar and Deanna's cabin along the way. Tory's little friend, Hannah, was also up early so we all sat around and drank coffee while the girls played together.

Andi and I both really enjoy the cabin friends we've made at the lake this summer. It's fun to hang together as a family when we want to, but have friends along the lake to socialize with, go boating or hang at the beach when you want to. We're so lucky to have this great place in our lives.

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  1. You are ALL belly girl! I can't believe you are a few short months from having your little guy...time is flying for me (meaning your pregnancy is flying for me), so I know it has to be for you! :)