Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

Great little weekend around these parts ....

Friday, Andi and I spent the evening celebrating our belated fourth wedding anniversary. We'd originally planned to keep things low-key with a nice dinner somewhere in town, but then Andi's mom offered to babysit Tory overnight and we'd have been silly to pass up that chance! Tory was practically giddy about Grandma and Grandpa coming over to play and Andi and I were equally excited to have an overnight to ourselves. We had a nice, quiet dinner at Cosmos, then partied it up big time (ha, just kidding, we're way too old and boring for that crazy-talk) walked around downtown Minneapolis for a bit before retiring to our hotel room at Graves 601. The alone time to reconnect was just what Andi and I needed. A perfect way to celebrate four years together.

For an extra-special date that doesn't break the bank, I highly recommend renting a hotel for the night close to home. Even though we live a quick ten minutes from downtown, very rarely do Andi and I take the opportunity to be tourists in our own 'hood. It was really fun to have a fancy dinner at a new-to-us restaurant, then see downtown buzzing with a nightlife we're not usually apart of.   

Downtown view from our 20th floor hotel room

Hotel room for two

Andi and I had big plans to sleep in all morning and order breakfast in bed, but sadly we were both up by 6:30am. So, we grabbed Starbucks in the hotel lobby and hit up the Minneapolis Farmer's Market instead which is one of our favorite things to do when we're in town over a weekend. The farmer's market was packed with people. Andi and I leisurely strolled by all the vendors and picked out fresh fruits and veggies.

We spent the rest of our weekend at the cabin with family and friends. The weather was absolutely perfect for boat rides and bonfires - plenty of sun during the day with just enough chill in the air at night. Sad as it is to acknowledge, I could feel summer slipping through my fingers while we were at the lake this weekend. One of the cabin neighbors said an old wives' tale states there's 30 days left of summer once you spot seagulls on the lake. And - DUN DUN DUN - we saw seagulls for the first time on Sunday. We're officially buying the cabin this October (have I mentioned that before?) so luckily, our cabin time won't be ending; it's just the change in seasons and a wrap to one of my favorite times of the year.

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  1. What a great anniversary getaway! Looks like you had a good weekend celebrating. Happy 4 years!!