Friday, October 4, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ...

Thirty-nine days until our baby boy is due.

Eighty-one days until Christmas.

How's that for putting things into perspective?

Believe it or not, I'm nearly finished with my Christmas shopping this year. I have to be organized. I know there won't be time for shopping in November and December. Well, it could probably be done, but it would completely stress me out. Oddly enough, Andi and I take care of buying our respective sides of the family Christmas gifts. We've done it this way since we were dating and it just makes sense to us, I guess. I'm nearly finished buying for my parents, siblings, nieces, cousins and friends. Andi hasn't started shopping ... and I keep reminding him if he wants me to wrap anything for him, it best be in possession by October 31.

All this early planning has me excited for the holiday season. For once, I'm not shocked when stores are setting up decor or appalled by layaway commercials on television. I'm not a big fan of Halloween anyway, so let's skip right past that holiday and move onto the good ones. Since I'm under less pressure to buy last-minute, I've come up with some creative presents for loved ones this year. I handmade many of the gifts for the littles in our lives which probably saved me money in the long run. I have a tendency to spend way too much on Christmas gifts; usually because I can't think of the "perfect" item to give, so I end up buying a more expensive version of something I find acceptable. This year, I set a budget for each person and really stuck to it.

I'm thinking of doing the "want / need / wear / read" method for Tory and Aden this year. Partly because Tory already has so much stuff and Aden won't know the difference. I've already settled on buying Tory a luggage set from Santa Claus (need) but I'll have to come up with some sort of "wanted" toy. Maybe a doll house or an addition to her kitchen set? Not sure yet. I ordered Aden a PBK Anywhere Chair for his room, so that'll be his big "need" gift. (Obviously, he needs it because his sister has one - ha!). Both kids really need winter clothes and books are always welcome, so those two categories are easy.

Surprisingly, I actually have a Christmas wish-list going for myself this year. I'm so darn excited to wear real non-maternity clothes again, so I'd like some new pull-overs, zip-up hoodies and sweaters to wear this winter. Andi's really good at picking out clothes I'll like, so I hope he takes care of some of that for me. I'd also like a new digital camera. I lost my old camera last summer and then Andi gave me his semi-broken point-and-shoot when he got a new one earlier this year. Taking pics with an iPhone is so convenient, but I feel a lot of guilt about my child(ren)'s lives being documented solely by a cell phone camera. It's obvious when Andi's been traveling because all the pictures I have of Tory are iPhone photos. I'd like to have a nicer camera for myself. I welcome new kitchen gadgets, as always. (Mini loaf pans, a cookie scoop and a Pampered Chef Large Stone Bar Pan are on my wish list). I wouldn't mind some nice throw blankets for the cabin. And finally, I've been hoping for a new blog design for some time now. A new web page is such a frivolous "nice to have," but I still think it'd be fun to do. Of course, beautiful jewelry is always welcome, Andi! *wink, wink*

Eighty-one days until Christmas.

Just over a month until Aden arrives.

Crazy talk.

I'm excited, though. More than excited, really. I'm giddy when I think about all the happy times ahead.


  1. I'm super excited for you too! Y'all are going to have such a fun holiday season!

  2. I'm giddy for you! So much upcoming excitement for you and your family! I like the "Want/need/wear/read" method...maybe I'll try that too. I want to keep it simple this year....especially since my in-laws always go way overboard and then we just have too much STUFF after the holidays. I think we will be getting Walker an anywhere chair too...mainly because his sisters each have one and they use them all the time. But honestly, those chairs aren't small and now we will have three of them bouncing around the living room, lol! It's crazy!

  3. Wow! I better get shopping too : ) We have planned on trying the 'want/need/wear/read' method too! Both girls have so much stuff and I want to keep gifts to a minimum!

    Can't believe Aden is going to be here so soon!