Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Busy weekend 'round these parts. We're officially sticking close to home until Baby Aden arrives, so Andi, Tory and I filled Saturday and Sunday with activities around the Twin Cities. (Not that I believe Baby Boy is planning an early entrance into the world. No, sir, I do not). It's so weird for us to be home on the weekend since we're usually at the lake cabin. Strange to wake up with breakfast on Saturday morning in our own kitchen; fun to have play dates with friends and attend family gatherings.

Saturday, we met up with our friends Val and Brionn to watch our dear Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium. I've been looking forward to this game for months since it's a rare treat we actually make it to a game...especially one in our own town. All week, Timehop reminders pumped me up for the game with photos of past Huskers weekend shenanigans.

Like this pic of Andi and I at a game six years ago in Lincoln. Babies! More hair! So young and kid-free!

Or, this one from 2009. Another pre-kid trip to the game in Lincoln with our Nebraska friends. This couldn't have been the last time we were back for a game, but maybe it was? Having babies definitely throws a curve-ball into weekend road-trips to Lincoln these days.

I will say, it was waaay more fun attending a game at TCF Bank Stadium than working it. I ran into quite a few of my old co-workers on Saturday and received several "Having another baby? Weren't you just pregnant?" comments. It's been 11 months since I worked at the U of M and I guess it would seem like I just had a baby if you haven't seen me in a year's time. My beloved Huskers lost to the Gophers on Saturday (first time in 50+ years!) but our crew still had a great time together. The premium seating tickets Andi scored didn't hurt either.

Here's Brionn, Val, Andi and I at the game on Saturday. Sorry, Andi, you barely made the pic! Guess those in-seat photos are never the greatest. It was a chilly 40 degrees on Saturday morning at the game, but thankfully I had my little baby heater cooking inside me. For the first time in my entire life, I was actually HOT (or just the right temp in a long-sleeve tee, vest and scarf) while everyone else was freezing.

Then on Sunday afternoon, Tory and I granted Andi a hall pass (which he used on working - lame!) and met up with our friends Lindsey and Ashley at Como Zoo for their Halloween Zoo Boo event. I prepped Tory all afternoon about wearing her adorable sheep costume but when it came down to the moment, she refused to put it on and opted to dress up as Minnie Mouse instead. This mama was a little disappointed because the sheep costume is so warm, unique and absolutely adorable but Miss Tory knows what she wants. My little Minnie was still cute ... even though twenty million other little girls at Zoo Boo were dressed up as the same thing. (Stab in my mama heart). Luckily, Sunday afternoon was a beautiful fall day so we were able to get away with Tory not wearing a coat over her costume. Tory's friend, Ashley, was dressed as Elmo and kids and parents alike were going ga-ga over her get-up.

The girls trick-or-treated throughout the zoo and collected lots of goodies in their pumpkin pails. It was nice how not all the treats were candy. Tory really liked the stickers, coloring pages and even a fun Domino animal game we've played a few times since Sunday. I was pretty surprised Tory seemed to "get" the whole process of trick-or-treating. She had no problem walking up to adults dressed in costumes, holding out her pail and saying trick-or-treat. She even said thank-you to everyone who gave her something and stood there a little confused when costume characters didn't have anything to offer (like the fairy in the photo above). As we drove home from Zoo Boo, Tory begged for "one more trick-or-treat" over and over. My friend Lindsey said Ashley chanted "again! again!" during their drive so I'm glad the girls had a fun night. Hopefully Tory will be just as excited to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood on Halloween night.


  1. The zoo boo looks like a ton of fun and what a nice day for it! Can't believe your baby boy will be here so soon! :-)

  2. Awww....she is the cutest Minnie Mouse though! Maybe she'll let the lamb costume happen tomorrow night :)

  3. What a cute Minnie Mouse!! : ) It will be interesting to see what costume she chooses for Halloween! Last night Lauren called my parents and said, "I want to be a black cat for Halloween (that is what Reese is going to be) but my mom is MAKING me be Rapunzel." They crack me up!

    The football game looked like fun too!!