Friday, February 21, 2014

Sibling Love

These two just crack me up.

I'm starting to see more of a relationship unfold between them with every passing day. So far, there's a lot more love coming from one side (Tory) than the other (Aden). I think he'll warm up to her in time, though. He sure smiles brightly when he sees her first thing in the morning. You can tell he's missed her.

I bought these coordinating t-shirts for each of the kids when Aden was born as part of their Big Sister / Little Brother gifts. For some reason, it's taken me 13 weeks to finally dress Tory and Aden alike and snap a few photos wearing the shirts. Poor Aden has grown so quickly, his 0-3 month onesie was skin-tight. This is the first and last time he'll ever wear his shirt. Tory's worn hers quite a bit though, and on this day she even accessorized with plastic necklaces and bracelets to match.

A thousand outtakes and only one or two keepers. Isn't that always the way with kids?

These pictures sum up their relationship to a tee...

Tory: Hi brudda, hi, hi, hi, hiiiiii
Aden: (Eh, you're getting close to me. I'm not sure about this...)

Tory: Eeeeeee!!! (Face-plants a slobbery kiss)

Aden: Wahhh!!! (Too hard! Too much squeezing!)

Tory: Aden, Aden, Adeeeeen! Oh, buddy. Oh, brudda.

Me: Tory, gentle!
Tory: Oh I sorry, Mom. (drapes feet on Aden instead)
Aden: (My legs! My legs!)

These two. I just can't get enough.


  1. Love the pictures and the dialogue to go with them!! : )