Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cabin Life in the Spring

Spring weather in Wisconsin can be a number of things: windy, rainy, muddy, hot, cold, beautiful, warm or sunny. I think we might've experienced every one of those weather patterns during April and May this year, but it never keeps us from enjoying our time at the lake cabin.

It's true; we do have to be a bit more creative with activities in the spring, but Andi and I try to dress for the weather and make the most of each weekend. One thing that's been a big hit for the kids this spring is Andi's new ATV (or "ATB" as Aden calls it). Tory and Aden are obsessed with trail riding in the patch of woods near our cabin. Tory sits in the passenger seat behind the driver, and Andi says she talks his ear off the entire time they ride together. Aden, on the other hand, doesn't make a peep. He sits nestled in front of Andi and is absolutely content when he gets to go for a ride.

I took the kids for a ride on the trails last weekend when Andi was traveling for work. "Don't worry, Aden" Tory told him, "Mom knows how to drive the ATV." She seemed pretty confident in my skills, so I couldn't let her down. Whatever Dad can do, Mom can do too -- right?!


The ice came off the lake early this year (mid-March?), so Andi arranged to have our new pontoon boat delivered to the cabin at the beginning of April. Nothing says "spring" like the first chilly boat ride of the year ... but you've gotta do it! We're always chomping at the bit to get back on the water, and this year was no exception.

Tory and Aden are obsessed with fishing this year, and I can't wait to see their love for the sport grow this summer. "Let's go bishing (fishing)!" Aden says excitedly about a hundred times during any given weekend. Aden received a Mickey Mouse fishing pole for Christmas, and he carries it everywhere he goes. Smartly, Andi puts a dummy rubber fish on the end of it instead of a hook because Aden's not the greatest at controlling where his rod swings. He'll get there though! In the meantime, Aden's content to hang his rod over the side of the pontoon and practice casting and reeling. "Reel! Reel!" he shouts.



One of Andi's friends owns a dairy farm not far from our cabin, so we paid him a visit a few weekends ago. Tory and Aden were so excited to see the animals up close. We saw lots of calves -- some born just a few days prior to our visit -- the milking barn, tractors and semi trucks.


And finally, last weekend gave us a glimpse of summertime. Temperatures reached into the upper 80's on Friday and Saturday, and the kids and I spent both days down by the lake. I dressed Tory and Aden in their swimming suits knowing they'd probably end up wet and sandy ... and I was right. The kids were so excited to play at the beach, and eventually found themselves wading into the shallow bay.

I also set up the hammock Tory received from the Easter Bunny this year in the backyard of the cabin, and the kids were absolutely thrilled to lay inside it. It was a "pinch me" moment of happiness as I rocked them gently and listened to squeals with joy.   

Love our cabin life!

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