Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May Day Baskets

I love celebrating May Day each year. It reminds me of fun memories from my childhood -- making May Day baskets with my mom and delivering them to all our friends and neighbors -- and it involves making a craft which is something Tory and I enjoy doing together. Plus, who wouldn't want to receive a sweet, unexpected treat on their doorstep? I like the idea of keeping this old-time tradition alive.

This year, May Day (May 1) fell on a Sunday so I thought it'd be fun to deliver homemade baskets to our favorite neighbors at both the lake cabin and in our new condo building. It sounds like a lot of people, but really it was only eight baskets.

The key to crafting with a preschooler is to start early. Mid-April, Tory and I started by making the actual May Day baskets from construction paper, staples and markers. She decorated pieces of paper and I fashioned them into cone shapes. I also cut and stapled a paper handle to the top of each one.

Next, we decorated and cut out flower shapes from construction paper and I hot-glued Hershey's Kisses to the center of each one. We taped disposable drinking straws to the back of each flower so they'd stand upright inside the paper cones.  

Finally on the morning of May 1, Tory, Aden and I filled each basket with Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt popcorn. We went for a family walk at the lake cabin and delivered our May Day baskets to the neighbors. Traditionally, you'd leave the basket of goodies on the front porch, ring the doorbell and run away hoping the recipient be able to catch you and kiss you ... but we didn't follow this part. Does anyone even ring the doorbell anymore? It seemed to take our neighbors quite a while to finally answer the door - ha! Plus, we wanted the chance to see their faces light up when we handed over each handmade basket.


Our cabin neighbors might've expected our visit since we delivered May Day baskets to them last year, but our condo neighbors were surprised and thrilled to receive one! Tory and Aden even received a note from our upstairs neighbors afterwards thanking them for making their May Day so bright. 

I'd like to carry forward this simple May Day tradition with Tory and Aden for as long as they'll allow, and who knows -- maybe someday, they'll do the same thing with their little ones.


  1. Adorable idea! Love that!

  2. well that is just the cutest. I hear of May day each year after the fact and then vow to remember to do something festive the next year, and I never do. I love your kiss flowers!