Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

If someone told me years ago I'd one day become an Independent Team Beachbody fitness coach, I wouldn't have believed them. Me, a girl who never worked out a day in her life, cheerleading others to reach their fitness goals?! Yep, believe it.

Last October, I wrote this post a few weeks after I started 21 Day Fix, and I can hear the hesitation in my own voice. I never expected this program to transform my life the way it has, but I'm forever grateful. I'm truly a different person now on the inside and out. I take care of my body the way I should have been doing a long time ago, and I feel better because of it!

When I took the leap to start the 21 Day Fix program last September, I had no desire to workout. My goal was to eat better, thereby influencing the way my family ate. I figured I could do anything for 21 days though, so I vowed to put down the bag of Doritos and commit to the program entirely.

After I completed 21 days, I kept going. I started to see changes in my body I never expected to see. By January 1, 2016, I'd lost 12 pounds and gained a whole new sense of confidence. I started to love exercise because those 30-minutes a day were devoted to ME. I realized how important self-care in the form of working out and eating better was in making me a happier wife and a more patient mom. I also developed some amazing friendships through the free online challenge group I participated in every month. These women lifted me up, supported and encouraged me, and I did the same for them. It felt amazing to surround myself with all that positive energy. 

That's why I decided to sign up as a fitness coach -- to pay forward what I've learned and help my family and friends find the same success in health that I have. I'm ready to see where this adventure takes me!


  1. This is awesome! I am starting the postpartum weight loss lifestyle change journey and get so motivated seeing before and after photos.

  2. That very photo of you is what made me try the 21 Day Fix and also become a Beachbody coach! Your results are just amazing!

    1. That's so awesome, and exactly why I decided to be a coach - to inspire others with my story. Thank you for sharing this with me! I hope you've found similar success on your own fitness journey. :)