Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Cabin Weekend with Friends

As cold as this winter's been, I really glad we have a place to retreat to on the weekends. Friday afternoon, Andi and I packed up the kids and headed to the cabin. Sure, it's cold as crap there too, but it gives us a chance to escape reality for a bit and if weather permits, get outdoors to enjoy the winter season.

We spent most of the weekend with our friends Josh and Krista and their little daughter, Hannah. Krista's parents have a cabin on Pipe Lake, so they're the perfect couple to hang out with there. They embrace the cabin lifestyle and love to snowmobile and go ice fishing right along with us. The kids play for hours, the guys do "boy stuff" outdoors and Krista and I get in plenty of girl-talk. The only thing that could've made our time together any better this weekend is if Krista would have been able to enjoy an adult beverage as she's 37 weeks pregnant. Soon enough though -- I just learned her water broke and she's in the hospital having their second baby! I love how Tory and Aden have friends their age to grow up with at the cabin. I can picture Tory and Hannah taking the paddle boat out to the islands on the lake in a few years to meet boys (Oh goodness, is that scary to think about!), or the little babies wiggling around on a blanket by the lake shore next summer.

Friday night, Josh, Krista and Hannah brought dinner over to our cabin and we spent the evening talking and letting the kids destroy the house with toys. The little girls have so much fun together. Tory and Hannah act like sisters fighting over a Minnie Mouse doll one minute and sharing jelly toast with each other the next. When Hannah went home Friday night, Tory said, "Where did Hannah go? I miss her" in the cutest pouty voice ever. Just adorable those two.

Saturday, the boys went snowmobiling for the day while Krista and I stayed back at the cabin with the kids. It's a little sad that I didn't get much QT with Andi this weekend as he then had to work on Sunday, but he's so excited about snowmobiling this winter and I'm glad he got the chance to get outside and burn off some stress. Someday, it'd be fun to get a babysitter and go snowmobiling all four of us, but with Krista near her pregnancy due date and me with a newborn, it's just not the best time for us girls right now. At lunchtime, Krista and I drove to Barronett Bar and Grill with the kids to meet the guys for a bite to eat. The kids were so well behaved at the restaurant and it was actually a pretty enjoyable lunch as far as dining with two toddlers and an infant goes. The guys snowmobiled back to the cabin while Krista and I drove the kids in the car, then put all the wee ones down for naps.

Saturday night, Andi grilled steaks on our new cabin grill and we shared dinner again with Josh and Krista. We loaded everyone up in the Ranger ATV and went ice fishing for an hour or so around dusk. There's something so cozy and cool about drinking beers in a tiny 7x10 shack with toddlers bopping around eating snacks and climbing all over everything. We didn't catch any fish, but it was fun nonetheless. Krista joked to Andi it was the Ranger ride on the lake that caused her water to break late Sunday evening. I don't doubt that to be true... eek!

The little girls were beyond delirious by 8:30pm, so we called it an early night. Sunday, Andi had a work event in the Cities, so we left the cabin mid-morning. It's getting harder to leave our little slice of paradise every Sunday. When we packed up this weekend, the snow was falling amongst all the trees and everything looked so peaceful outside our window. I could have easily cozied up by the fire and stayed there another day.

One of the best things about cabin life is the community we've created -- or rather, become apart of -- there. We know our neighbors at home in the Cities and definitely stop and talk to them when we're playing outside or walking down the drive-way to get the mail. At the cabin though, we truly care about our neighbors. They've become our friends. We spend time socializing on the weekends, our kids are growing up together and it becomes increasingly difficult to come back home to "reality." Andi and I both feel so lucky to have these people and this special place in our lives.

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