Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Aden's Two Month Check-Up

I took Aden to his two month well-child doctor's visit yesterday. I was anxiously awaiting this appointment for a number of reasons: first, he's growing like a weed and I really wanted to know his official stats; second, I've been curious about his tendency to spit up since the early days and I wanted to discuss the symptoms with our pediatrician.

Our pediatrician went on leave for double knee replacement the day Aden was born, so we've been seeing fill-in peds. at the clinic over the last two months. I'm sure they are all very qualified doctors, but none of them were our doctor. Each of the fill-ins' opinions on topics varied slightly so I was never 100% comfortable believing anything they told me. The doctor/patient trust built over time wasn't there, you know? Thankfully, my regular pediatrician is back and I was able to have all my questions answered.

First, the fun stuff: Our bouncing baby boy weighs 12 lbs. 12 oz. (60%) and is 23" tall (47%). His big ol' noggin is in the 76% measuring 40 cm around. It's so strange to have a relatively big baby as Tory was always on the lower end of every infant measurement. It makes me feel great as a breastfeeding mother, actually, because I know he's eating and growing from the nourishment I'm providing.

Not so fun: Aden received three shots at the check-up and man, was he PISSED OFF afterwards. My little boy who rarely cries screamed and carried on for a good few minutes. His face turned the color of a beet, he held his breath and wanted nothing to do with nursing. Whoo boy, does that hurt a momma's feelings.

Regarding the acid reflux, the doctor agreed Aden does have some reflux. He did not think treating the reflux with medicine was necessary however, because Aden is clearly getting enough to eat. Really, Aden doesn't seem super uncomfortable when he lays flat; he just spits up so it wasn't a matter of him being in pain or anything. I told the doctor how I've propped his mattress for sleeping and how we always keep him elevated especially after he's eaten and the doctor thought we were doing all the right things to combat the spitting up. So, we continue to do what we're doing. I'm relieved Aden's reflux isn't severe enough for medical treatment. The less drugs entering his system, the better obviously. It is a bit of an inconvenience to continually keep Aden elevated at all times, but it's not the end of the world. So, problem solved. Sort, of.

I'm feeling so fortunate lately for this little boy of mine. He is such a blessing; so smiley and good. I know how lucky we are as parents to have a healthy, happy baby and we don't take it for granted for one second.

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  1. Booo for reflux! Walker was recently diagnosed with it as well…and I feel terrible for not catching it sooner. I just kind of thought that some babies spit up a lot. It didn't seem to effect his growth at all, but now he HATES eating solids because of it.
    Glad to see that Aden is growing so well…it is always reassuring as a nursing mum to see those numbers go up! And those adorable chubby cheeks would warm anyones heart!