Thursday, January 9, 2014

Super Mom

It might look like it from the outside, but I'm no Super Mom.

I try. I really do. Even though I'm just home all day (ha!) I cook breakfast (... and lunch and dinner and snacks), do laundry, run to activities, pick up toys strewn all over the house fifty bazillions times, change too many diapers to count, rock and shush little people to sleep aaaand still try to find time for a shower or heaven forbid, a little quiet time for myself in the day.

Some days are better than others in striking a balance. It's been crazy cold here this week, so for the most part I've been hunkered down at home to keep the kiddos indoors. Monday, I made a list of things to do (pack away Aden's 0-3 month clothes, do laundry, make a few phone calls ...) and I ran around like a fool all day long. Both kids tag-teamed Andi and I the night before with wake-ups on the hour and they were both up and at it around 6:00am. Aden's not on any sort of constant schedule yet and Tory only napped for 20 minutes in the afternoon, of which time I spent on the phone completing a life insurance assessment, so I had zero time to myself all day. Holy crap I could've used even five minutes. I practically threw the kids at Andi when he walked in the door that night and hightailed it to the bathroom for a shower. Ugh. I hate days like that.

Yesterday, though... yesterday was awesome. Yes, I picked up toys, changed diapers, finally caught up on the laundry (wahoo!), bought groceries (online grocery delivery FTW), made dinner and cleaned my house (ok, the house cleaners did that), but I also had some much-needed quiet time in the afternoon while Tory napped. (For more than 20 minutes even!) Some days she sleeps for a fair amount of time and others it's practically a waste of time to burden myself with the difficult task of getting her to fall asleep. Yesterday was one of those glorious days where I had a mental break to do something for me - like blog for the first time in forever. I could've completed a few more things on my to-do list, but sometimes it's nice (and much needed!) to sit down with a cup of coffee and a sleeping baby on my lap to find myself again.

Thanks for throwing me a bone, Universe. I needed that.

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  1. You seem like a super mom to me! And yes, it's so nice to get a little breathing room.