Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pre-Easter Celebration

Last Sunday, Andi, Tory, Aden and I went to Andi's parents house for a pre-Easter celebration. Since we're going to be in Nebraska for Easter this year and Andi's sister Lindsay and her fiancé Kyle will be in Europe (lucky!), we all decided to get together to celebrate a little early.

The Easter Bunny (aka: Grandma and Grandpa) spoiled the kids with cute little Easter baskets plum full with goodies. Tory received new jammies, foam craft duckies, a Velcro toss and catch game (remember those?), sunglasses, candy and some coloring activities to do during our drive to Nebraska later this week. Aden got an adorable stuffed ducky, a few outfits, a rattle and a sun hat.

Janie made a nice ham dinner for everyone, and we ate while coloring Easter eggs at the table. Tory did a nice job coloring eggs with Andi. She didn't have much technique (just tossed the eggs into the colored water), but had fun nonetheless. Lindsay and Kyle's dedication to coloring the perfect egg was much stronger. 

Crazy how much has changed since we celebrated Easter with Andi's family last year. A year ago, Andi and I announced our pregnancy with Aden to family and Tory was so small sitting at the table coloring eggs for the first time. Next year this time, Aden will be coloring eggs himself and Tory will be that much bigger. Feeling very fortunate for all we have and for the loved ones surrounding us. 


  1. It is crazy how much can change in a year! I remember being VERY VERY VERY pregnant last Easter and now I have a ONE year old…it's nuts!
    Enjoy your Easter!

  2. Holidays are just so much more fun with kids, seriously! I love watching they change every year and discover 'new' things we can do with them! Can't believe how big Aden will be next year!