Thursday, April 3, 2014

What The Easter Bunny Is Bringing This Year

We're headed to my parents' house in Nebraska for Easter. We usually fly there (though we just decided to drive this time, so heads up on the Instagram pic I'll undoubtedly post illustrating the regretful decision to drive 7+ hours with two kids and a dog), so that means I've already planned and purchased goodies for my kids' Easter baskets to bring along.

My personal Easter basket requirements are they not be filled with candy (because my children are too young for sweets and then we have candy in our cupboards no one eats) and they not be filled with trinkety toy junk. Really when it comes down to it, the Easter Bunny brings my kids things I would have purchased anyway, festively presented in a cute pastel basket.

Last year, I bought Tory this personalized Easter basket and I've already ordered and shipped a similar version for Aden to my parents' house so he'll have it on Easter morning.

Each Easter basket will include:

Tory - Age 2 1/2

Minnie Mouse Tattoos
-- found in the Dollar Spot section at Target.

Doc McStuffins' Doc and Donnie figurines -- Tory loves Doc McStuffins and she plays with her dollhouse figurines (that's a weird word, but I don't know what else to call them?) everyday, so I hope these little guys will be a big hit with her.

Doc McStuffins' Lambie stuffed animal -- bordering dangerously close to "things that end up at the bottom of the toy bin," but I thought her Easter basket needed something Easter-y and a lamb fits the bill.

Sunglasses -- another Dollar Spot find.

Speedo Swim Shoes -- a summer at the cabin necessity.

Fubbles Mini Bubble Blaster -- Tory goes crazy for those automatic bubble blowers at our library's Storytime sessions, so I think this one will be a big hit ... if it works correctly.

Goldfish Crackers -- for a treat.

Beach Towel -- I bought each of the kids their own personalized beach towel, and I am in love with them. So adorable, and I know we'll get a ton of use out of them at the cabin this summer. (Not pictured because I shipped them directly to my parents' house). Tory got the pastel-colored one with her name on it.

**I love how Tory's Easter basket last year included a potty training book and training pants. Oh, overzealous Heather. That one really bit me in the rear ...


Aden - Age 4 1/2 months

Pat The Bunny Book
- Classic bunny book for Easter. For some reason, I got this for free when I purchased from Amazon. Something about a settlement credit? No idea, but I'll take it.

Puff Snacks - He's not eating real food just yet, but soon!

Sophie the Giraffe Teether - Every kid needs a Sophie, right? Tory had one, but it was loved a little too much to pass along to Aden, so he gets his very own squeaker.

An outfit -- Because this poor growing child is running out of things to wear.

Bowls & Plates -- Replacements for the tired ones we currently have in use. Let's hope he'll share with his sister.

Bibs -- Food! Soon!

Beach Towel -- Aden's own personalized beach towel in primary colors.


I went a little crazy and ordered the kids matching handmade Easter outfits this year. I know! Too cute (and slightly over the top). I haven't dressed Aden in his little jon-jon jumper yet, but Tory's dress with her initials on the chest is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see them together.


  1. We are going to my moms for Easter too.

  2. What great ideas!!! Love the towels!

    We are going to see the Easter bunny on Friday morning - he reads a story at Barnes and Noble at 10:30 to the kids and then you can take your own picture with him! Each kid gets a goody bag. I am not sure what time you are getting into town but let us know, we would love to have you all join the girls and I!