Saturday, June 13, 2015

23/52: A Weekly Photo Series

Tory, Aden and I are back home after two fun-filled weeks in Nebraska visiting my family. Well, I say "home," but we were really there for only one night (Thursday) before heading to the lake cabin on Friday afternoon. If there's one thing my kids are good at, it's adjusting to new places. We're never sleeping in the same bed for long it seems.

Our little family of four is reunited once again, if only for a short time. Andi picked the kids and I up from the airport on Thursday afternoon and on Sunday, I'll drop Andi off at the airport again for a week-long work trip to Louisiana and Tennessee.  

So, this view is short-lived but comforting nonetheless:

Sunset cocktails on the dock in our very favorite place on Earth -- the lake cabin. Better together, and always happy to be home. 

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