Tuesday, June 23, 2015

24/52: A Weekly Photo Series

The summer days are flying by, aren't they? I've been busy soaking up every minute with Tory and Aden, and blogging's gotten away from me a little bit. No regrets here, though; Minnesota summers are over with the blink of an eye so we're living in the moment.

Semi-related: This weekly photo project has really changed the way I interact with my iPhone and social media on a daily basis. Since I'm now more inclined to grab my "real camera" versus my iPhone to capture a moment during the day, I find myself less connected to my phone and social media in general. Sure, I'm behind the lens of a camera and not fully engaged with my kids for a brief second, but I find myself picking up my cell phone (and its camera) less often, therefore am more engaged with Tory and Aden overall. Anyway - it's just interesting to me. Cutting back on screen time wasn't something I set out to do when I decided to teach myself how to use a dSLR, but I don't mind the side-effect it's having on my daily life.  

In other camera-related news, Andi surprised me to a new Canon EOS-M camera last week which is sort-of a cross between a point-and-shoot camera and a dSLR. It has a smaller body than our Canon 7d, for example, but it still uses all the same lens. I love how lightweight my new camera is to carry, so it's been even easier to snap pictures of the kids during our daily adventures to the park, summer concerts and swimming lessons.

I have several groups of photos from last week, but decided to share Tory and Aden's first day of summer swimming lessons. The first day of swimming is always one of my favorite moments to photograph. It never ceases to amaze me how much the kids grow over the course of a season in both physical looks and skill set. I like comparing photos from the beginning of lessons to the end to see the changes.

Now that Aden's mobile on two feet, he does nothing but RUN all the time so I had a difficult time capturing a photo of him doing something other than trying to nose-dive into the pool. I finally trapped him in a shower stall long enough to snap a photo of him. Aden's getting so big these days, I can hardly believe my eyes. I'd forgotten how fun (and exhausting!) 1-1/2 year olds are.

I have no other swimming photos of Aden because I'm in the pool with him during his lesson. This summer, I took a leap of faith and booked Tory and Aden's lessons back-to-back on the same day without any other adult help. Aden and I swim together first while Tory sits on the side of the pool with her iPad, some snacks and an activity workbook. So far my rule-follower of a 3-1/2 year old is perfectly well behaved while I'm in the pool with her younger brother.

Aden's a rockstar in his Baby Backfloat swimming class. He super comfortable in the water and jumps off the side of the pool, swims underwater and floats on his back like it's no big deal. He both scares and excites me because, seriously, the boy has no fear.

Tory has lessons immediately following Aden's class. This summer, she's advanced to the Little 2's level, which is definitely a stretch for her. Swimming doesn't come naturally to Tory (ahem, just like her mother) so while she's not afraid of the water per se, she's also not sure about putting her face underwater. She does it ... but she doesn't like it, and I don't blame her one bit (I don't like it either). I have to hand it to her though, she never stops trying. She listens to the instructor well, and gives me the cutest thumbs up on the side-lines when she accomplishes a task. I couldn't be more proud of my little girl if I tried.

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