Friday, October 23, 2015

43/52: A Weekly Photo Series

Jumping in the leaves is one of Tory and Aden's favorite things to do at the cabin during the fall season. Why wouldn't it be? The ground is covered in a thick blanket of crunchy leaves along the trails and in our backyard by the lake.

Tory spent hours (yes, hours!) raking leaves into a giant pile last Friday. I'd say she had more fun raking the leaves than actually jumping in them. "Just a few more leaves ... " she'd say, until the pile was almost as tall as her.

Aden reaped the benefits of her labor, of course. He stood around and watched Tory rake, rake, rake ... and, then took a running start from the top of the hill in the backyard, landing smack-dab in the center of the pile.

Is there anything more simple and sweet than jumping in the leaves as a child?

I love these two to bits. 

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