Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I don't have a favorite child, but I will admit I'm often more smitten with one of my kids over the other. Right now, it's Tory. She's so sweet and helpful most of the time, and downright comical. I can't get enough of her.

That's not to say I don't love Aden a whole bunch ... because I do! His current Terrible Two's meets Walking Tornado stage, however, might be why I'm exhausted just thinking about him.

Anyway, back to Tory. She's a kill. Here's a few "Tory-isms" as of late:


Andi, watching Deadliest Catch on television as Tory walked by:

Tory: "Holy crap, that's a big fish!"

Now, this might not seem all that funny as stated. You have to imagine the words said in Tory's cute little voice, so it was more like "Ho-we crap!" We'd also never heard her say a bad word before, so it caught Andi and I by surprise. We couldn't help but laugh.


Tory and I were saying prayers together one night while Andi was traveling in Tennessee and Louisiana on business:

Me: "... and watch over Daddy in Louisiana."

Tory (with a quizzical look): "Wait, he moved?"

I know, Tory, I have a hard time keeping up with his travel schedule too.


Andi: "Are you throwing me under the bus?"

Tory: "No, Dad! I'm not strong enough yet."


Walking in a busy parking lot with cars tailing us:

Me: "Hurry up, Tory!"

Tory (annoyed): "I told you several times, I live slowly."


Upon sight of Nickelodeon's Little Charmers costume characters at the Minnesota State Fair:

Tory (with wide eyes): "I wasn't expected them to be so big."

She muttered that phrase over and over again for abut 20 minutes afterwards.


In the children's area of the library:

Tory: "Mom, come look, I have something fascinating to show you!"


My brother's girlfriend brought a hammock to the cabin over Labor Day weekend:

Tory: "Carley, can I use your hammond please?"


One weekend this summer, we were swimming in the lake and Tory flipped under the water. She was okay, but drank in some lake water and it caused her to vomit.

The second after she threw up in the lake, about 30 sunfish swarmed around her and started eating the floating vomit.

Tory (stunned): "I wasn't expecting that to happen!"

Neither were we; it was pretty gross, but what made the situation funny was that afterwards Tory repeated that phrase over and over again. Now whenever something doesn't go as planned, Andi and I always say in our best Tory impression, "I wasn't expecting that to happen!"


Over Labor Day weekend, I commented how heavy my heart felt since the summer season was coming to a close.

Tory: "Mom, your heart doesn't have to be high because it's not summer anymore. There's only two more times and then it'll be summer again!"

Ugh, I wish kid.


Just before Tory's 4th birthday, she was talking about how she'd soon be four-years-old and then five, six, seven, etc. I responded with something like, "I don't want you to grow up too quickly!"

Now every so often she'll turn to me and say, "Don't worry, Mom, I'll always be your baby."

Oh, sweet girl. You melt my heart.


Tory was making a craft at the counter and Aden was making noise with a toy nearby in the living room.

Tory (annoyed): "While Aden's being so noisy, it's hard for me to enjoy this!"

*Tory is 4 years old


  1. hahahah these are so good! Funny kid funny kid. I love it. I love this one ... Tory (annoyed): "I told you several times, I live slowly." bahaha. Sass!! Great grandma was talking about something and said 'it scared the (she paused for hell and left it blank) out of me.' So Aria said hell out of me hell out of me hell out of me. I was like she didn't even say the word kid! But apparently she knew how to fill that blank in.

  2. The fish eating the vomit scene gave me a good hearty belly laugh. So FUN that you captured these. I can't wait to do the same for Greta!

  3. Tried to comment on this yesterday from my phone and it wouldn't let me. Hmph!

    But my favorite too was the "I live slowly"! Totally made me lol. Especially since I can see Charley saying that too. :) Funny little girls!