Monday, October 19, 2015

Kid's Halloween Craft Kits

Tory loves to make crafts, just like her mama. It's a great way for the two of us to spend quality uninterrupted time together doing something we both enjoy.

When Tory stopped taking naps in the afternoon, I had to step up my crafting game considerably. It never fails, she turns to me every day after lunch and says, "So, Mom, what kind of craft do you want to make today? I guess it's become our 'thing.' If I don't have something up my sleeve, she'll throw her pointer finger up in the air and shout, "I know! We could make a chicken craft!" .... and then I've got to come up with a chicken craft on the fly. So, it's better to be prepared.

One thing that's been a great resource are the "Lit Kits" at Tory's preschool. Each week, parents can check out literature kits at no cost. The kits includes a book and a coordinating craft for the parent and child to do together. Some of the activities are puzzles, coloring activities, paper crafts, scavenger hunts, etc.

I took the same idea and made Halloween gifts for all the little ones in our extended family. Tory and I made pumpkin-shaped sun catchers for the windows one afternoon last week, so I put together a few extra supplies for my sister and cousins to do with their children. It seriously took about five minutes to do. I hope they appreciate having a pre-arranged, yet homemade, craft ready to go just as much as I do!

Inside the Halloween kit, I included all the supplies they'd need for the craft: coffee filters, pumpkin stencils, triangles for jack-o-lantern faces and instructions detailing how to make window sun catchers. I also sent along Halloween coloring books and crayons for the kids.

Here's our finished pumpkin sun catchers proudly displayed in our window:

Happy crafting!

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  1. I feel you with the crafting after no naps! I hear a lot of how do you do so much with Aria a lot. But, if I don't have crafts and activities planned we both go nuts. Those nap hours are tough ones to fill, it is best to come prepared. I love the little kits to send to friends. Great idea. I'd love it myself! And I love the window catcher pumpkins too. Good idea.

  2. Those pumpkins are adorable! What fun!