Sunday, December 13, 2015

50/52: A Weekly Photo Series

What an unusual December!

This weekend last year, we were ice fishing on Pipe Lake with the Ranger ... which means the ice was about 8" thick and strong enough to support snowmobiles and small vehicles. The kids had been wearing their snow suits to play outdoors for weeks by then. We didn't have a ton of snow on the ground, but enough to make it feel like Christmas was around the corner.

This year in Minnesota and Wisconsin, temperatures have been in the low 40's and there isn't a trace of snow on the ground. Any precipitation we've had has been rain, and the water level of the lake is so high most of our beach is underwater. In fact, the entire lake is still open (unfrozen) and we've been entertained by a flock of beautiful white swans in our bay by the cabin this fall. For several weekends now, we've watched them swimming and honking to their heart's content ... knowing one of these days the lake will freeze over and they'll fly South to a warmer destination.

Until then, what a sight to see ...

They're simply beautiful.

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