Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Advent Calendar, Day 10: Bake (More!) Christmas Cookies

Baking is one of my favorite things to do with Tory and Aden. It's low-key (okay, and yes, a bit messy). We tackle each recipe as a team as I show them how to measure and combine ingredients, and turn it into something great. Best of all, it's quality time with one another while we share conversation.

We've done a lot of baking for the holidays already this December. First, we made gingersnaps and spritz cookies for my annual cookie party. Then, we made cranberry and orange biscotti for Tory's school pot-luck. And last week, we spent the afternoon making cut-out sugar cookies for a work party at Andi's office. The kids' little Santa apron will need a washing after this holiday season!

Cut-out sugar cookies are my favorite Christmas cookie. It doesn't feel like the holidays to me without them. Andi needed 5 dozen cookies for his work party, so Tory and I baked cookies on two separate afternoons last week, and finally frosted them together on Day 10 for our Christmas advent calendar activity. I probably could've made an easier cookie for his party, but I want Tory to remember the tradition of sugar cookies around the holidays just as I do.

The greatest part of our holiday baking this year? We've given all the sweet treats away! It's the best of both worlds -- the kids and I enjoy the experience of baking together, and we've successfully brightened other people's holidays without leaving Tupperwares stacked full of treats on our kitchen counter. I still have a few cookie plates to put together for our postal and UPS drivers, for the sanitary (garbage) route drivers and a few sweets to make for our own Christmas celebration ... then we should be set!

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