Thursday, August 18, 2016

Healthy Snack Ideas On-The-Go

Nothing derails healthy habits faster than traveling. Temptation is everywhere -- airports, gas stations, restaurants, hotels -- and the word "vacation" somehow translates to "splurge on alllll the forbidden food."

Andi and I just returned from a trip to Alaska and even before we left, I made up my mind to stay on track as best I could while we were away from home. Not only am I committed to healthier eating these days, but my body expects it. When I eat like garbage, I feel like garbage and that's the last thing I wanted while hiking and fishing in the Alaskan wilderness.

We had a six-hour flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage (and airplane food leaves much to be desired), so I packed my carry-on bag with lots of portable snacks to keep me satisfied.

I love almonds and cashews, and can easily eat way more than a serving, so I portioned nuts ahead of time in "snack size" storage baggies. Each (raw, unsalted) portion is equal to 1 blue container when following the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan:

12 almonds
8 cashews
20 pistachios
10 pecan halves
8 walnut halves 

Real Talk: Most days, I did eat more than one serving of healthy fats on our trip, but since we put on lots of miles hiking trails in the beautiful Chugach National Forest I was okay with that.  

Protein + Fruit Bars
I always carry a stash of my favorite protein and fruit bars in my purse, and this trip was no exception. They're a healthy option that fills me up and helps me avoid other not-so-great choices. Some of these bars are hard to find (and can be expensive!) in grocery stores, so I typically buy them in bulk from Amazon.

That's It Fruit Bars
Equal to one serving of fruit, or 1 purple container, when following the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan.

*Trader Joe's sells their own less expensive version called Fruit Bars.

O Yeah Protein Bars
Almond Bliss is my favorite, but there are other flavors as well.
I count one bar as 1 yellow container on the 21 Day Fix plan because they're more of a healthy treat.

One of the better choices for on-the-go bars according to Autumn Calabrese, creator of 21 Day Fix. One bar is equal to 1 blue container and 1 tsp. because KIND Bars mostly contain nuts and honey.

I brought individual serving-size packets of Shakeology and a blender bottle on our trip because Shakeology is a great option for a meal replacement or snack. I prefer my Shakeology blended when I'm at home, but the "shake and go" method worked great for traveling.

To make Shakeology without a blender: mix 1 scoop + a 8-10oz. liquid such as water or milk ... and shake for about 20 seconds. I used bottled water to make a shake right on the hiking trails, and it worked awesome! Kept me full and energized. 

We fished for salmon on our trip and traveled with a cooler to keep it in, so I took advantage by loading up on perishable snacks once we arrived in Alaska.

Portable snack ideas:
string cheese
baby carrots
snap peas
hummus, single-serving size
whole fruit 
tuna pouches
nitrate-free deli meat + cheese
hard-boiled eggs 
whole-wheat crackers
air-popped popcorn
rice cakes
almond butter packets

This list of portable snacks are great for traveling, but they're also convenient for busy, everyday life. I pulled ideas from the very same list when packing picnic lunches for the kids this summer. This is also a great list of car snacks to bring on long road-trips.

It took a bit of forethought, but I'm proud to say I stayed on track for healthy eating and exercise during our vacation. We hiked a ton so I got my steps in, and I was never hungry without having healthy choices to chose from on hand.

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