Thursday, August 11, 2016

Swiss Friends at the Lake

My favorite cabin weekends are unassuming; the ones you look back on Sunday evening and think, “Wow, now that was fun” without ever expecting it to be.

One weekend mid-July, my friend Mirjam and her family visited us at the lake for a day. I always enjoy spending time with Mirjam, but that particular day ended up being one of those great summer ones.

It was a perfect summer day when Mirjam came to visit. The sun shined brightly and the air was warm with a nice breeze. In mid-July, the water temperature is around 80 degrees so it's ideal swimming conditions for the kids.  

Shortly after Mirjam, Markus and Elia arrived to the lake, we took them down to the water for a fishing lesson. Elia had never caught a fish before so our little pros, Tory and Aden, were determined to show their friend what to do. Each of the kids reeled in fish after fish and both Elia and his dad, Markus, were so excited about their catches!

Our cabin is located within a bay on the lake and the water is fairly calm and shallow, so sunfish love to hang around our dock. It’s the ideal place for kids to fish during the warm summer months because they have no problem catching one. Of course, they aren’t trophy-worthy fish by any means, but it keeps the kids engaged and teaches them the ropes of casting and reeling.

Mirjam kindly brought a delicious lunch of meats, cheeses, freshly baked bread and watermelon for everyone to enjoy, so after a morning of fishing we ate al fresco on the backyard deck. Aden and Elia when down for afternoon naps shortly afterwards, while the rest of us headed back down to the lake to enjoy the sunshine. 

Two dudes on a jet ski! Andi purchased a new jet ski for us a few days prior to their visit, so Andi took Markus for a ride around the lake and later took a very pregnant Mirjam and Elia for  a quick (and easy) spin around the bay. 

We took turns on the stand-up paddleboard; we swam; we lounged on the floating dock; we jet skied. It was the perfect summer day.

Andi grilled chicken breasts and corn on the cob later that evening and we cheered to the great company of our Swiss friends. I feel blessed to have met Mirjam and her family. She’s one of my dearest friends, and I’ll always remember this lovely day we shared at the lake.

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