Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The BIG day

So, the wedding is fast approaching on July 31. Yes, THIS July as everyone keeps asking me. (Apparently short engagments are completely unheard of these days). Everything's coming together smoothly despite a few early bumps in the road.

Andi and I are getting married on his boss' boat on Lake Minnetonka. I think it's going to be great ... in my mind, I'm picturing blue skies and bright white clouds resembling the Philadelphia cream cheese commercials. I love that our site is so unusual (very Andi and Heather-ish) but wish I could venture out to the lake and map it out. Damn frozen Minnesota lakes. And it's hard that it's not our boat so we can't really call up Andi's boss and ask to footprint the boat anytime we'd like. I'm taking a very meh, it'll all work out approach to the wedding day itself. Hope my instict is right, and it does all fall together.

So, we secured our photographer and he is AMAZING. Check out his gallery at . It's a husband and wife photog duo and they seem to have good experience with the whole wedding day thing which makes me feel good. I just hope they understand that the fiance and I aren't your typical wedding couple. Nah, don't need to engagment photos and "say cheese" kind of memories. I want something that really captures the feeling of the moment. Hope the family falls in line with this thinking too.

Since we are only hosting our parents and siblings at the wedding, there's a lot of pressure on the photos to "tell the story" of the day to all of our family and friends. I think I might make a sample wedding photography book with examples of other people's photos I like. That way, if I'm spastic on that day I can at least point to a photo and say I want that. Man, I hope I'm not spastic on my wedding day ....

So, lately I've been freaked out about this whole things are different after the wedding talk all my friends are giving me. How can the fiance and I be fine today but not on August 1? It doesn't make sense. I'm probably annoying Andi with all the marriage talk and nagging questions but I'm so worried that things will be different. Can I stop us from the downward spiral that everyone else seems to say is inevitable? Nothing that a few self-help books can't cure, I've decided. I'll keep you updated on my progress.


  1. Oh - I forgot to mention this at lunch, but I think things got BETTER after getting married. I don't know if marriage itself had anything to do with it, but no need to listen to the doomsday people. Woo! Marriage!

  2. Things will definitely be will be husband and wife! Mat and I lived together before we were married and life after the wedding was and still is wonderful! It's all in your state of mind, girl. Don't let this nonsense talk about downward spirals freak you out! You love him. He loves you. Now you're proclaiming that love to your friends and family. That won't change you or Andi, but it might make you grow closer than ever before. :) It's going to be great because you'll live and grow together in a whole new way! Life is good. Love ya! ~Marcy