Saturday, April 18, 2009

Find a Wedding Dress. Check!

I've finally chosen my wedding dress. I'm so excited! A few months ago, I ordered a few wedding dresses from J Crew. I am so impressed with their service - free shipping codes and a 60 day return policy to return any dress you don't like. I found a J Crew dress that I thought was perfect but I wanted to be sure I'd sampled all options.

So, last weekend, while Andi and I were in Nebraska celebrating Easter with my family, I went dress shopping with my best friend, my sister, my mom and my fiance's mom. We went to David's Bridal and I was actually impressed with their selection. I especially liked their casual, no-pressure approach to trying on dresses. I let all the ladies in my party choose a few dresses they wanted me to try on which was so fun. (I included a few photos here).

my best friend Ashley & I

I'm glad I tried on a few more dresses b/c I'm now more certain than ever my cute, flowy J Crew dress is the one! Here is a link to view the dress:


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