Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! A day I hope everyone is more inspired to do something good for the environment. It's a great feeling to listen to newscasters talk about it on the news, see people sporting Go Green tees and more!

I've been contemplating the purchase of a composter for our backyard. I love to garden and think it'd be a great way to create my own fertilizer for my flowerbeds + recycle kitchen waste and yard clippings. Problem is, they're $145 for the cheapest one ... yikes! I suppose I don't blink an eye to spend $150 at Target on junk, but still hard to swallow. Thought about registering for one for the wedding ... but I'd miss my summer window of opportunity. Think I'll bite the bullet ... here's the one I'm eyeing:

Let me know what you think ...
Tomorrow's suppose to be 80 degrees here in Mpls! Spring has finally sprung! I'll post pics of my yard soon ... all my flowers are finally starting to pop up :)

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