Wednesday, August 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Catch-up time

A lot to update on as it's been over a week since I've blogged!

First and foremost, work's been really kicking up. There's something like 15 days until the first day of fall semester - ugh - which is largely to blame for my lack of recreational time with the Internet. Frankly, I've been working at work and working at home too. I find myself dreading the next few months because of the whirlwind event it'll be. I can almost guarantee I'll be exhaling a big breath at Christmas when the madness finally settles down and that I'm just not excited about. But enough about work ...

In much happier news, my cousin Tara had her baby on Monday! Little Henry Lyons II. Sounds like mama and baby are doing well. Let this begin the baby season! No joke when I say I have a family member or girlfriend having a baby every month from now to February. Very much enjoying all the baby shopping I've had to do lately. :)

My childhood best friend Ashley and her husband Neal came to visit us last weekend. We went to a Twins game, tubing down the Apple River and laughed until my cheeks just couldn't take it anymore. More to come on our awesome weekend ....

Got a new car today! Wahoo! Andi and I have been tossing around the idea of buying him a different vehicle lately. He needed something better suited for his line of work. Yes, he's in advertising, but many of his clients are outdoor recreational brands and having a vehicle which allows him to tow boats and ATVs is needed. No complaining from me on this one as this means I'd be trading in my VW Jetta and driving his current car going forward. May I take a minute to remind you of the evil hoax my Jetta possessed? Car accident, car break-in, exploding tire, sticky back door, you name it. I'm happy to report we've successfully traded in that crazy car, Andi has a new SUV able to pull anything he'd ever want and I am the owner of a new-to-me Lexus. Couldn't be more excited.

Do you guys Groupon? I'm in love with those deal-of-the-day websites which offer fabulous coupons on everything from spa packages to grocery store gift cards. There's a few of them in the Twin Cities - other ones I've belong to are Living Social and Crowd Cut. Most times, they aren't offering any coupons I'm interested in, but sometimes they do and it's fun to get something I'd have either purchased anyway or thought about purchasing in the future for 1/2 the price. A few weeks ago, Andi bought one for an eco-friendly cleaning service. $80 for 4 - 1/2 day sessions. Can you believe that? The first session with Eco-maids offered a "deep clean" so I promptly suggested they clean my windows, blinds, baseboards and radiators - all things I'm confident haven't seen the sights of a dust rag in well, shall we say never. I came home to a crisp, clean house (even my microwave was sparking!) and now I'm counting the days 'til they'll be back again in October, November and December. What a luxury!

Have you noticed I'm into exclamation points lately? I am! I don't know what's wrong with me but I can't stop them from jumping onto the screen. Apology extended.

And finally, we played a board game this weekend that will absolutely change your life. For reals. It's called Quelf and I strongly suggest you all visit Amazon and purchase it right now - go ahead, I'll wait - because it's the awesome of a board game. I swear my side still hurts from laughing so hard on FRIDAY. It's Wednesday, people! That FUN. I best describe it as a culmination of every drinking and board game you've ever played. Just trust me, go play it.

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