Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Currently in ....

Well, July has come and gone. Join me in saying "uh, where and the heck did July go?" This summer's just flying by ...

July was so good to me. I celebrated Fourth of July with some of my bestest friends; tested my adventure bug and tried canoeing for the first time and celebrated 365 days of bliss with my husband.

Also in July ....

Current Books: I'm still reading Animal Vegetable Miracle .... it's a cabin read for me so I pick it up a few days here and there. I also started reading The Secret Life of Bees on our vacation to British Columbia and am also picking back up my fertility awareness book and daily bible.

Current Play list: Country - it reminds me of summertime. And Green River Ordinance.

Current Guilty Pleasure: I think cuss words, sadly. I seem to have a potty mouth lately.

Current Color: Still the same - black.

Current Drink: I've been trying to drink more water lately and carrying around a water bottle has helped. There's a cool new water fountain near my office that shows how many bottles of water have been diverted from the waste stream by using refillable water bottles. It's awesome. Makes me feel good inside.

Current Food: Salsa Lisa's salsa. I don't even like salsa really, but I tried this local, all-natural salsa made in St. Paul and it's fabulous! You can taste the freshness of the ingredients. So good.

Current Favorite Shows: Oooh, Mad Men's back on and it's sooo good. We also started watching Nurse Jackie and Sons of Anarchy. New into the shows but they're indulgent so far.

Current Wish list: To freeze frame this moment. Life is all good and I'm so happy. Love my life!

Current Needs: I need focus in my job. Thirty days until the crazy begins ... and I'm not prepared. Also, I need to rejuvenate my relationship with God. Refocus and devote some time to Him.

Current Triumphs: We made it! Our one year anniversary has come and gone. Lately because we've celebrated and remembered our wedding day, I'm flooded with the feelings of how I felt that day just one year ago. I'm amazed at how much love I have for my husband. More each and every day, which sounds so clique but it's true. He is everything to me.

Current Bane Of My Existence: This humid heat. No fun for a girl w/o air conditioning.

Current Celebrity Crush: Back to John Hamm from Mad Men. Oooh Eeee!

Current Indulgence: My new Mac Book. I love how easy it makes all things Internet. And I'm learning new tricks everyday that make it better and better.

Current Blessing: My family and friends. I'm a lucky duck.

Current Outfit: Yoga pants and a yellow long-sleeve t-shirt. 

Current Excitement: My parents are coming to visit this week!!! I'm so excited. We're spending some time at the cabin relaxing. Nothing sounds better than that ...

Current Mood: Tired from the red-eye flight from Vancouver. Happy to be home. Excited for my parents' visit.

Current Link: Eh, I don't really have one this month. I'm pathetic ....

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