Friday, August 20, 2010

Kitchen Updates

When Andi and I moved into our house 3 years ago, the kitchen needed a lot of work. Our house was built in 1912 and still had the original cabinets and counter tops, in addition to having a completely dysfunctional layout. As soon as we unpacked our moving boxes, we set in on updating the kitchen to our taste. If we'd had $50k to drop toward the remodel, I'd have loved to completely restore the kitchen to its original glory. We've all seen those shows on t.v. where an old, out-dated house becomes the policed star it once was.

But we didn't. We had a 1/5 of that so we hit IKEA and tricked our kitchen out the best our budget would allow.

There was a time not long ago where Andi and I lived at IKEA. Many, many nights spent sitting in the showroom examining and planning and preparing. Last weekend, a trip to IKEA with my girlfriends was the first time in a long time I'd allowed myself through the showroom again. I was so excited when I found new inspirations for my kitchen and bedroom! In the kitchen, I added a back splash bar with a paper towel rack and hooks to hang utensils, towels, etc. I also added a magnetic knife rack in an effort to remove the exposed knifes from our utensil drawer (safety first around here!).

Next up is my bedroom ...

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