Thursday, August 26, 2010

Date Night @ Pizza Farm

Andi treated me to Date Night on Tuesday. His gift for our first wedding anniversary - 12 date nights fully planned by him. The perfect gift if you ask me. You all know how much I looove quality time with my husband.

I raced home after work and we hopped into the car. Andi packed a cooler bag with chips, cookies and wine so I wouldn't be too hungry on our drive to the secret date night destination. As we crossed into Wisconsin, I became curious. All I saw for miles were corn fields, the open road and blue sky.

Around 6pm, we rolled up onto a country road filled with cars. Andi's suprise was dinner at The Pizza Farm, a sustainable restaurant serving pizzas made from fresh, local ingredients grown right on the land. I use the term restaurant lightly because there's no tables, servers or menus around. Only a brick oven and a farm owner cooking pizzas to order.

The farm was packed and we knew right away we'd stumbled onto something truly amazing. We got in line and learned the wait would be 3 hours for a pizza. Holy cow! I was starving and suggested we come back another time. After all, the Pizza Farm's only open Tuesdays from 4:30pm - 8pm and we still had an hour and a half drive back to the Cities. We walked around the farm instead and checked out the cows and chickens in the pasture. Everywhere we looked we saw kids running around the yard and couples camped out on a picnic blanket drinking wine. The atmosphere was truly amazing; the way dinnertime should really be. Spent outside on a warm summer day, close to the farm where your food originated. Heaven if you ask me. I only wish I could have had a taste :)

As we headed back home, we stopped at a local winery along the way. We cruised in, sampled some wine and talked with the owner who told us all about his apple farm. Country life is definitely a slower one. People are friendlier; life seemed more genuine. I joked with Andi - could we do it? Trade in Target or crowing roosters?

As we drove home, Andi was a little twitchy date night didn't turn out just like he planned. But I didn't care. Spending time with him is the best present I could've asked for. A perfect night to me.

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