Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cabin Life

Awesome weekend at the cabin so far!

Each of the couples came up this weekend and it's fun to have a full house. I picked Andi up from the airport on Friday night (he traveled for work this week) and we headed straight out of town toward Pipe Lake. It's nice having the cabin so close by, we arrived by 10:30pm last night.

This morning, we woke up and had breakfast at our breakfast nook. My favorite part of the cabin is how much of a "weekend" it feels like. Where else can you spend time with all of your friends, laugh until your cheeks hurt and enjoy the awesome scenery.

There's a 40 acre hiking / snowmobiling / ATV path through the woods just down from the cabin which is owned by the landlord and 9 other cabin owners in the area. We took the dogs (Chloe and two of the other couple's hunting dogs) on a long walk this morning. The dogs had SO MUCH FUN running around crazy in the woods without leashes. Even Chloe was having fun with the big dogs sprinting back and forth along the path.

By the time we got back, the sun was shining brightly so Melissa, Ellie and I sat on the back deck and relaxed. I even got a little tan on my face and arms!

Melissa and Ellie

Chloe was EXHAUSTED after our long walk. She wanted to lay outside in the sun with us, but she was so tired she wouldn't get up to take a drink out of her water bowl. This photo cracked me up. I've never seen her do this before!

Some of the boys ran into town to buy a few things for the cabin while Derrick raked and mowed the backyard. It looks fantastic. Us girls just sat on the deck (them with their cocktails and me with my water) and shouted cat calls at him. He was in heaven.

I made a super easy BBQ Chicken Sandwich recipe in the crock pot which worked out really well. It's always hard to forecast when everyone will be hungry so having lunch piping hot and ready when everyone sat down to eat later in the afternoon was a breeze.

We're still trying to figure out the dock situation at the cabin so we didn't bring the boat up this weekend. There's an existing dock here but it's not long enough to support our wakeboard board (too shallow by our cabin) so I think we'll end up buying an extender piece for the dock. That could be expensive - yikes - so hopefully my resourceful hubby comes up with some sort of solution.

This evening, Andi took me on an ATV ride around the trails at the cabin. Andi got two ATVs from one of his advertising clients and they're nice to have around the cabin for something to do. The boys were even using one to wench the dock out of the water last weekend. Today, Andi even taught me how to drive one (although I don't think I was very good at it).

Tomorrow's Mother's Day and Andi's family is coming up to the cabin to celebrate with us. Exciting for them to see our awesome summer hideaway.

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