Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day In The Life: Spring Edition

My girlfriend over at Navigating the Mothership always does these fun "day in the life" posts and invites all of her readers to document a day in our own lives as well. Well actually, she does a "week in the life" but that's too much of a commitment for me! I chose to document an average spring Monday. My life's not very excited, but I always enjoy reading everyone else's posts so maybe you'll enjoy this one as much. Here goes ...

This is my favorite way to start my day - checking Facebook, watching The Early Show and eating breakfast in bed. I do this every morning I can and strategically set my alarm a half hour early to wake up this way. I do know my "morning me time" days are numbered thanks to our soon-to-arrive baby so I'm especially enjoying every one of these mornings I can get.

My mornings usually include lots of snuggle time with Chloe pup and feeling / watching my belly move.

Cutest doggie ever? I think so.
Up and at' em around 7:45am. No shower today, just a quick brushing of the teeth and popping of a prenatal vitamin.

Monday's are my Weekly Status update days on my baby blog. After I get dressed I weigh myself for the week and snap a few photos of my growing belly. Since it's a self portrait in the mirror, they're never the greatest photos. I mental note to myself to have Andi take some "real" photos of my pregnant belly sometime soon.

Up 1 pound this week. I'm OK with that.
25 Weeks Pregnant
I leave for work around 8:30am. It's raining outside so it takes Chloe one hot second to do her business and meet me by the door so I can let her into "her room" above the garage. (It's actually our loft/guest bedroom but she loves it and thinks its her personal haven). Doggie princess DOES NOT appreciate inclement weather.

Kind of a boring day at the office. I sat in on a few conference calls and worked at my desk most of the day. May is our slowest month at work because it's finals week on campus and everyone's packing up and heading home for the summer. I don't mind the calm; it's nice to some built-in time to prepare for my maternity leave. My husband will surely shoot dagger eyes at me tonight over dinner when I tell him I have nothing new to report. "Slow day at the office," I will say. (Apparently the world of advertising isn't so lucky)?

Couldn't decide what type of candy I wanted as an afternoon treat, so I got them all. Pregnancy perk for sure ...

Ever get into the car after work and the same song is playing as when you pulled into work in the morning? It's trippy when that happens. Today it's Adele's Rolling In The Deep. I'm not annoyed though; I'm digging it.
After work, I stopped by The UPS Store to return a couple packages of maternity clothes. I HATE returning stuff and I only do it when I'm ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I'll never wear the item. EVER. This little venture costs me $18, which in my opinion is a complete waste of money. 

Home at last. I run to the upstairs garage to let Chloe out. She's so happy to see me! I bet she's wishing I had the energy to take her on a nice, long walk but I'm just too tired today.

I stop by the mailbox to pickup the mail. It'll be the first thing Andi asks me when he gets home from work ("Did you get the mail?") While I'm in the front of the house, I notice the nice gas company people have decided to spray paint a yellow line in my front yard and mark the buried gas line. Thank you kind and generous gas company man for spray painting my sidewalk too, much appreciated. I hope this doesn't mean our street will be under construction this summer, like they're planning to "un-bury" it. Super.

Also while outside, I notice my tulips still haven't bloomed this summer. Either the unseasonable cold start to our Minnesota spring has stunted their growth or the neighborhood rabbits ate all the buds before they had a chance to grow. Either way, I make a mental note to pluck the tulip leaves out of the ground this week before my company arrives this weekend.

Once inside, I sift through the mail and put correspondences addressed to Andi in his mail slot on the counter ledge. If I had to guess, I would say this is his single biggest pet peeve of our entire marriage. About once a week he accuses me of throwing away or burying an important piece of mail from this very spot. Although, I would have to counter and say my biggest pet peeve is when he leaves mail (and other crap) sitting on my counter or table for days. At least the mail slot keeps it all in one organized place. Any solutions out there from one married couple to another? I'm all ears ...

Upon my own mail sifting, I send the latest Victoria's Secret catalogue into the recycle bin. Won't be purchasing anything from here for another few months. (They should have a temporary "pregnancy hold" for clothing magazines so we can save some trees).

Now what to make for dinner? Andi's usually home around 7:30pm so I use this time to scrounge the fridge and brainstorm a meal. Today I chose to make a steak, corn on the cob and spinach salad. It's finally nice enough to grill so we better take advantage.

I treat myself to my last Limonota as well. LOVE these little treats.
Until dinner time, I retreat to my happy place. Four of five work days, I guarantee my husband comes home to me already laying in bed. I love how warm and cozy our bedroom is, and it's my favorite place to relax, watch the news and catch up on blogs.

Andi throws all the food on the grill when he gets home. We eat dinner, then it's an evening of relaxing on the couch, watching t.v. By the way, for dinner Andi and I share a steak and each eat one corn on the cob. (I made three because there were three left in the fridge but we ended up throwing the last one away). My mom thinks it's the funniest thing ever that Andi and I are able to split a piece of meat for dinner. She thinks we eat like birds.

We were officially in bed and nearly asleep by 9:30pm (alright, I'm awake but Andi's been zonked for a least 45 minutes by now). The life of a married couple in their 30's ... boy, it's an adventurous one!

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