Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Cabin Weekend

Andi, Tory and I headed to the cabin this weekend for a little family getaway. We drove there Friday night around 7:00pm so we could wake up Saturday morning, ready to relax and be in nature.

Tory's bedtime is 7pm and if she's in the car around that time, she's usually fast asleep allowing Andi and I some alone time together. This trip though, the little stinker stayed awake most of the drive and watched episode after episode of Chuggington, Umizoomi and Blue's Clues. She was well-behaved, at least. We never heard a peep out of her except when her TV show ended. Each time the credits rolled, Andi and I waited quietly to see if there was any sound from the backseat and then suddenly we'd hear "uh oh," meaning Mom, my show is over! Tory continued to chirp "uh oh" until I started up another episode for her to watch. It was pretty cute.

Friday night, Tory was a little disoriented in her pack-n-play crib after not being at the cabin for a few weeks, and fussed on and off throughout the night. This doesn't bother me much, but Andi has a hard time falling back asleep after he's been woken up, so I got up with her at 5:45am and let him sleep in. My poor husband is still so exhausted from working his tail off the last two months, he deserved a little rest. Tory and I went upstairs and made breakfast. Then, I let her play in the sink and scrub all the dishes clean. A girl's gotta earn her keep, right?

At some point, I took her water-soaked diaper off and she ended up pooping in the sink. I realized I've truly embraced being a mother when a little poop in the sink doesn't even phase me.

After Andi woke up, we played toys together and snapped a few photos of Miss Tory Bean. She's matured so much the last few weeks. I've noticed her skinny little thighs filling out and watched her hair sweep past her ears, but it's amazing for me to see just how much she's really grown as visible in these photographs.

It's exciting to see so much change. Every day, I witness Tory's speech develop, her motor skills advance and her body growing. This weekend when the three of us were reading books and Tory pointed to all the animals and "read" the books by chiming in with the correct animal sounds in just the right parts, Andi looked and me and asked, "is every kid this smart?" It really is amazing to see her grow.

Tory and Chloe have become best buddies lately, too. I think it might have something to do with all the snacks they share. If there's one thing everyone knows about Tory, it's how much my little girl likes to hug. Chloe even let Tory get her arms around her once or twice this weekend. These is one of the first photos we have of the two of them together -- 17 months after Tory was born, Chloe finally sat close enough to take a picture!

I'm not the only person who's glad Daddy's back home. Tory wouldn't let Andi out of her sight this weekend, and fussed every time he left the room. The two of them had lots of fun together, reading books and playing kitchen.

We spent Saturday afternoon playing outside in the snow. Unlike her first encounter with snow this winter when she FREAKED out, this time she wanted to get down and walk around in the powdery white fluff. Andi and I took turns pulling Tory all around in her sled atop the freshly fallen snow.

On Sunday, Andi woke up with a stomach ache and Tory woke up with a cold. Fortunately, I still felt fine so I snuggled a fussy toddler and we all laid low around the cabin. Both my loves were asleep by 6:30pm last night, battling their sickness. Here's hoping they both feel better this week and we can look forward to another fun, relaxing weekend at the cabin next weekend.

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